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[Western Sayana System]

Hyleg and Prediction of Death

Western sayana Astrology - Hyleg sensitive point of health and death

"What for life?" -this question arises in the spiritually inclined persons. The answer from Sri Ekkirala Krishnamacharya is “Life is for living”. Then is it possible to live forever? No, every one who has taken birth should leave their physical body. We know Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed who descended from heavens had also left their mortal bodies. Very few people like Anjaneya, Parasu Ramudu, Markandeya, Aswadhama and Krupacharya who attained ‘chiranjeevatva’ (life forever) are continue to live for millions of years.

The physical body is composed of 5 elements called ‘panchabhootas’, namely fire, earth, air, water and sky. These 5 elements are dissolved at the time of death. The soul which lives in the body is then freed to move into higher planes. Sun, Moon and Ascendant are the 3 important factors to predict the death of a native in the Tropical (sayana) Astrology.

Sun represents the soul strength, heart and blood vessels, vital energy, head and eyes. Moon represents fluids of the body, stomach, glandular structures, soft tissues, growth potential, reproduction, cerebral-spinal system. Ascendant represents the physical body which is a cumulative effect of all the 12 houses in the horoscope.

Western/Tropical Sayana System:

'Hyleg' is a sensitive point in a horoscope that may represent a planet or a certain degree which gives life to the native. The native’s longevity and nature of death can be calculated depending upon the good or bad aspects received by the hyleg.

According to Ptolemy, if Sun is present in 1st, 7th, 9th, 10th or 11th houses, then it will be the hyleg. If Moon is present in these places then it will become hyleg. If neither, then the cusp of the Ascendant will be the hyleg.

According to Bonatti, if Sun is present in 1st, 10th or 11th houses, then it becomes hyleg. Otherwise if Sun is in 7th, 8th or 9th houses and it is a masculine house, then it becomes hyleg. If Sun is not hyleg then think about Moon. If Moon is in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses then it becomes hyleg. Otherwise if Moon is in 2nd, 5th, 8th or 11th house which is a feminine house then it becomes hyleg.

When Sun and Moon are not hyleg, then we should think about the Ascendant. If the birth has taken place during waxing Moon then the Ascendant will be the hyleg. If the birth has taken place during waning Moon then Fortuna should be taken as hyleg. Fortuna or Point of fortune is calculated from the formula: Ascendant+Moon – Sun.

When hyleg is slightly afflicted, it indicates ill health or injury. When it is strongly afflicted, it indicates death. However predicting life span is very difficult even for an experienced astrologer. The 4th house, 8th house and 12th house provide indications of death. 4th house represents circumstances at the end of life, 8th house represents death and 12th house represents sickness and self-undoing. The sign which is on the cusp of 8th house and the lord of 8th house will indicate the type of death. The native will die in connection to the afflictions to ‘hyleg’.

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  • If Sun and Moon are afflicted by malefic planets, violent death can be suspected.
  • When the malefics are strong and the afflictions are heavy, violent death can be confirmed.
  • When Mars with Uranus or Saturn are involved, then sudden and violent death can be predicted.
  • If Ascendant is involved, then the native will cause his/her own death either intentionally or accidentally.
  • If 12th house is involved, then the death will be violent and takes place in a hospital or asylum.
  • If 5th and 7th house are involved, then a love affair of the native will be the reason behind his/her death.
  • If 9th house is connected, then the death will take place during a journey or in a foreign land.
  • If 10th house is connected, then the death will occur in a public place.
  • If 11th house is involved, then the death will occur in friends’ house.
Planets and cause of death:

  • Sun: Heart problems.
  • Moon: Drowning, phlegmatic and cold conditions.
  • Venus: Poisoning, diabetes, flush, skin and venereal diseases.
  • Mars: Head and red blood cells, suicide, high fever, inflammations, violence, weapons, fire and vehicular accidents.
  • Jupiter: Lever and blood.
  • Saturn: Bones and skeleton, suffocation, falling from high places, bruises, rheumatism, consumption, all cold condition, lingering death.
  • Uranus: Sudden and peculiar death because of explosives or wrong treatment. Uranus will not cause death directly. Uranus contributes to death indirectly. For example, leading to wrong treatment.
  • Neptune: Mysterious death or death due to unknown reasons. For example, the person may disappear and his body can never be traced.
Case Study: Y S Raja Sekhara Reddy, born 8th July 1949, at 19.56, at 78E24, 14N50.

This is the horoscope of Sri Y S Raja Sekhara Reddy, ex Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh who died unexpectedly in the helicopter crash on 2nd September 2009. In this chart, hyleg is Moon according to Ptolemy and Ascendant according to Bonatti.

Aspects to Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the natal chart:

  • Sun parallel Mercury, Sun parallel Mars, Sun semisquare (45 deg) Saturn. Sun square (90 deg) Neptune, Sun square (90 deg) Rahu.
  • Moon opposition (180 deg) Mercury, Moon sesquiquadrate (135 deg) Venus, Moon opposition (180 deg) Mars, Moon opposition (180 deg) Uranus, Moon trine (120 deg) Rahu, Moon trine (120 deg) Fortune.
  • Ascendant quintile (72 deg) Mercury, Ascendant contraparallel Venus, Ascendant conjunction (0 deg) Jupiter, Ascendant quincunx (150 deg) Saturn, Ascendant quincunx (150 deg) Uranus.
Afflictions to hyleg:

In the chart of Y S Raja Sekhara Reddy, the hyleg Moon is afflicted by the following:
  • Opposite Mercury which is 5th and 8th lord posited in 5th house.
  • Opposite Mars which is 3rd and 10th lord posited in 5th house.
  • Opposite Uranus which is 1st lord located in 6th house cusp.
  • Sesquiquadrate Venus which is 4th and 9th lord located in 7th house.
In this chart, the second hyleg is the Ascendant which is afflicted by the following:
  • Opposite and contraparallel Venus which is 4th and 9th lord located in 6th house cusp.
  • Quincunx Saturn which is 1st and 12th lord posited in 8th house cusp.
Since Sun is also afflicted in the natal chart by Saturn, Neptune and Rahu, violent death can be predicted. Thus the planets involved in death are: Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Venus and Mercury. The houses involved in causing death are: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 12th.
  • Mars: burning of body and blood marks.
  • Saturn: skeleton destroyed.
  • Venus: flush destroyed.
  • Mercury: collapse of nerves system.
  • Uranus: sudden and peculiar.
  • 1st house: self is involved.
  • 5th house: as per his will.
  • 3rd and 9th house: during journey while in air. 9th house in his chart is airy sign.
  • 12th house: violent.

The progressed Moon is passing through natal 2nd house and progressed 12th house, forming the following aspects:
  • Progressed Saturn quincunx Progressed Ascendant during Jan 2009.
  • Progressed Moon contraparallel Natal Saturn during Sept 2009.
  • Transit Saturn sesquiquadrate Natal Ascendant during July 2009.
  • Transit Saturn square Natal Mars during Aug 2009.
  • Transit Saturn square Natal Moon during Sept 2009.
  • Transit Saturn square Natal Uranus during Nov 2009.
  • Transit Mars conjunct Natal Uranus on August 28, 2009.
  • Transit Mars conjunct Progressed Uranus on Sept 2, 2009.
  • Transit Sun conjunct Progressed Saturn on Sept 2, 2009.
Thus the progressions and transits end the story on 2nd September 2009.

Author: Sri Ch SambasivaRao, M.Tech, M.A(Astrology).

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