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Indian Vedic astrology Kaala sarpa yoga or dosha

Indian vedic astrology rahu and kethu

When all the planets are located between Rahu and Kethu in a horoscope, then it comes under ‘Kaala sarpa yoga’. This is also called ‘Kaala sarpa dosha’ since its effects are not good. Even though Rahu and Kethu are not planets, they are considered as planets in Indian Vedic Astrology since their influence is very powerful.

Sarveshaam raahurbalavaan nisargajanithachcha |
Rahu’s naisargika or inherent strength is said to be more powerful than that of any other planet.

So, we cannot take Rahu and Kethu in a lite way. In a horoscope, if Rahu conjuncts Jupiter, then it is called ‘Guru chandaala yoga’ and it will destroy all good yogas present in the horoscope. Rahu and Kethu bear such a powerful influence.

Agre raahurathokethussarve madhyagatha grahaah Yogojyam kaalasarpaakhyaam nrupasasya vinaasanam |
Starting from Rahu and ending with Kethu, if all other planets are located in the middle, then that combination is called ‘Kaala sarpa yoga’ which brings destruction for the native.

No planet should be in conjunction with Rahu or Kethu. Then only Kaala sarpa yoga will be formed. This yoga gives obstacles and failures in certain spheres of life. The native cannot achieve expected growth in the life. But no need to worry. If other benefic yogas are present in the horoscope, then the Kaala sarpa yoga will not operate.

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Types of Kaala sarpa yoga:

Counting from the Ascendant, if Rahu is in the 1st house and Kethu is in the 7th house along with other planets in the middle, then it is called ‘Ananth kaala sarpa yoga’. As a result, the native takes wrong decisions and his married life will not be good.

If Rahu is in the 2nd house and Kethu in the 8th house, then it is called ‘Kulik kaala sarpa yoga’. The native will face trouble in earnings. Accidents and death like situations will happen.

If Rahu is in the 3rd house and Kethu in 9th house, then it is called ‘Vaasuki kaala sarpa yoga’. Due to this yoga, the native will have low self-esteem. He will face troubles from his siblings and relatives. There will be obstacles in going abroad.

If Rahu is in the 4th house and Kethu is in 10th, then it is called ‘Shankhpal kaala sarpa yoga’. The native’s communication will not be good. His mother’s health will be spoiled and he will face problems in the job or profession. He would live in a house with severe Vaastu problem.

If Rahu is in 5th from the Ascendant and Kethu is in 11th house, it is called ‘Padma kaala sarpa yoga’. There will be problems in business and from friends. There will be delay and problems in getting progeny.

If Rahu is in 6th and Kethu in 12th, it is called ‘Maha padma kaala sarpa yoga’. This type of kaala sarpa yoga represents that the person will have enemies who work against him and there are chances of illhealth, isolation and imprisonment.

If Rahu is in 7th and Kethu is in 1st (Ascendant), then it is called ‘Takshaka kaala sarp yoga’. The native will have bad marriage partner. Circumstances lead him to become viraagi (detached person).

If Rahu is in 8th and Kethu in 2nd, it is called ‘Karkotaka kaala sarpa yoga’. The native is prone to illhealth and there will be unnecessary expenditure.

If Rahu is in 9th house and Kethu in 3rd house, it is called ‘Shankachood kaala sarpa yoga’. The person will have bad habits and thus lose money. There would be problems in journeys and abroad.

If Rahu is in 10th house and Kethu in 4th house, it is called ‘Ghaatak kaala sarpa yoga’. The native will not be able to do well in his job or profession. One of his family members will become a mantrik and do wrong pujas (prayers).

If Rahu is in 11th house and Kethu is in 5th house, it is called ‘Vishadhar kaala sarpa yoga’. The native faces trouble from friends and elder brothers and elder sisters. His mind would be wavering and hence there would be losses in the business.

If Rahu is in 12th house and Kethu in the 6th, it is called ‘Sheshanaag kaala sarpa yoga’. The native will spend more than his earnings. There will be constant health problem and the chances of confinement or imprisonment. Hidden enemies try to cause harm.

Will Kaala sarpa yoga really affect or not:

The general effect of Kaala sarpa yoga is to throw obstacles into the path of the native. The natives with Kaala sarpa yoga will have to put more effort to achieve any thing in life. We should understand that this yoga will not cause any harm if the planets are good in the horoscope. But if this yoga is supported by other bad yogas in the horoscope, then only its high potential to do bad can be seen.

The following persons became famous and reached to highest positions, even though there is Kaala sarpa yoga in their horoscopes.

MK Gandhi, 2-10-1869, 7.12 LMT, Porbandar, India.
He is a freedom fighter and is called Father of the Nation.

Jawaharlal Nehru, 14-11-1889, 23.36 LMT, Allahabad, India.
He is a freedom fighter and first Prime Minister of India.

Margaret Thatcher, 13-10-1925, 9.00, Grantham, UK.
She is the first woman Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

Dhirubhai Ambani, 28-12-1932, 6.37, Chorwad, India.
Indian business magnate who founded Reliance Industries.

Sachin Tendulkar, 24-4-1973, 16.20, Mumbai, India.
Eminent cricketer and best batsman in the history of cricket.

Remedies to overcome Kaala sarpa dosha:

  • Performing Kaala sarpa dosha nivaaran or shanti puja at Tryambakeshwar near Nasik at Maharashtra, India.

  • Or, performing the same puja at Maha Kaaleshwar, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India.

  • Or, performing the same puja at Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India.

  • Or, performing the Rahu-Kethu puja at Srikaala Hasti near Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, India.

  • Recitation of first chapter of Chandi (or Durga) Saptasathi.

  • Recitation of Maha Mrityunjaya mantra for 1,00,000 times.

  • Reading Sarpa Sukta from Vedas, everyday.

  • Avoid eating snake gourds, pumpkins and eggs.

  • Doing 'Naga Prathista'. Take a black stone and get two snakes carved on the stone as shown in the figure. This statue should be installed in a temple.

  • Wearing a silver ring having a snake form.

  • Wearing a silver ring in snake form with Hessonite (gomedh) in the head part and Cat’s eye (vaidhurya) in the tail part of the ring.

  • The person should take two silver snakes and put them in a plate. He or she should daily pour cow’s milk on the snake forms. He should recite Siva Panchaakshari mantra: ‘Om Namah sivaaya’ for 1008 times while pouring cow’s milk. After that, the person should consume that cow’s milk. After continuing this for 2 months, he should donate these two snake forms in a Siva temple.

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