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The founder of this site and Chief Astrologer Dr R Nageswara Rao is a Doctorate in Astrology and was an ex Professor in Astrology. He is an expert in Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology and practicing these sciences since the year 1985. He founded website and providing his services online since the year 2005.

While sending humanbeings to the earth, God has revealed their destiny in the date and time of their travel to earth. Uncovering this secret is called Astrology. Since all humanbeings cannot understand this science, God has imprinted their destiny in the form of lines in their hands. This is called Palmistry. The frequencies of subtle energies found in our names and date of births will also affect our future. The study of these energies is called Numerology.

Indian Vedic Astrology

Free 2023 yearly transit forecast predictions for all signs The luck favors them who do their part of duty. Astrology lights up the path of human race by applying the ancient knowledge to the human life. Astrology is a super-science. Where as Science tries to explore the human body, Astrology understands human life, the ups and downs humans face, the reason behind success and failure. It’s a path of light. It gives guidance to you to come out of your problems and achieve prosperity in what ever you undertake. This is possible by remedial measures like wearing gems, offering special prayers to concerned deities and pacifying the planets.

Indian Vedic Palmistry

Palmistry is a science which deals with pads and lines of the palm, to determine the destiny. The psychology of a person, the inner qualities, weaknesses, decisions, diseases and future can be accurately estimated by observing the palms of a person.

Indian Vedic Numerology

Numerology links numbers with planets and measures their influence on human beings. A person's birth date reveals a lot of information related to his lucky numbers, lucky colors, etc. Numerology prescribes lucky names for persons and business companies which bring prosperity.

How Does Astrology Guide You - Talk with Dr R Nageswara Rao Guruji

We, at make a comparative analysis of the Astrological as well as Palmistic aspects to arrive at greater accuracy in giving predictions and advice. Also, we correct the spelling of the name of any person such that it will be filled with positive energies. As a result the person will be blessed with overall prosperity, health and wealth. We also provide remedial measures and suggest special prayers to achieve your goals. This is all according to Vedic knowledge descending from great seers of India.

Sports as profession in Astrology horoscopes

Let us analyze the horoscopes of Viswanathan Anand and Serena Williams!