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Astrology horoscope is useful to know the future of a person depending on his birth date and time. When we do not have such details, then also it is possible to know the future from the time of the query. This is called horary astrology or hora sashtra or prasna sashtra. The person who asks the question is called querent and the question is called query. When a person visits an Astrologer and expresses his question, the planetary positions for that moment are calculated and the horary horoscope chart is erected.

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In Sanskrit, the word 'Aho' represents day time and the word 'Raathra' represents night time. The sound 'ho' has been taken from the word 'Aho' and combined with the sound 'ra' taken from 'Raathra', thus to form 'hora'. So, 'hora' represents the day and night. We know the day and night happen with the passage of time moment by moment. Hence 'hora' represents the moments of time. Horary Astrology is that branch of Astrology which gives predictions based on the moment of time when the question is asked. Horary Astrology is also called 'Prasna Sastra' in India, because it answers specific queries (prasna) depending on the time of the query.

'Brihat Paraasara Hora Saastra' gives a lot of information on Horary Astrology in the form of discussion between the sage Maitreya and sage Parasara. Horary Astrology is also discussed in the works by Kalyana Varma, Varahamihira and Kalidasa. There are western astrologers like Claudius Ptolemy, Willian Lilly and Alan Leo who had worked and written excellent books on Horary Astrology.

Horary chart

Horary Astrology focuses mainly on answering specific questions. The person who asks the question is called querent and the question is called query. When a person visits an Astrologer and expresses his question, the planetary positions for that moment (date and time) and for that place are calculated and horoscope chart is drawn. When a querent sends a question to the Astrologer through a letter, then the chart is to be drawn for that date, time and place when the Astrologer reads that letter.

The Ascendant in the chart represents the querent. When the querent asks a question about his spouse, then the 7th house and its lord should be carefully observed. In this case the 7th house lord is called 'significator'. Similarly when the question is related to job or profession then 10th house and its lord is to be examined. Here, 10th house related planet becomes significator. Thus significator is a planet that is related to the query. In addition, the Astrologer should also examine the natural significators, as shown below:

Significator Planet Represents
SunFather, employer, Government officer, authority, ruler.
MoonMother, women in general, things connected with liquids or water.
MercuryYoung people, neighbor, books, business people, secretary.
MarsBrother, police man, sex, war, weapons.
VenusWife, partner, young women, love, pleasures, fine arts.
SaturnOld people, subordinates, laborers.
JupiterChildren, good fortune, Guru, people who protect.
RahuLow caste person, Person with bad habits, thief, paternal grand father.
KethuLow caste person, Person who does black magic and such mantras, maternal grand father.

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Depending upon the question, the Astrologer should decide the house, lord of the house and planets posited in that house. The following table summarizes the matters ruled by various houses:

House or Bhava Represents
1st houseThe querent, his personality and appearance, his health, his thoughts and his life in general.
2nd houseResources, money, cash, wealth, speech, ornaments and jewelery and movable assets.
3rd houseCommunication, news, writing, letters, siblings, neighbors, close relations, cousins, short journeys, cars and roads.
4th houseProperty, mother, vehicles, land, real estate, buildings, houses, restaurants, immovable assets, farms, wells, mines and resources of the earth.
5th houseHobbies, intelligence, creativity, love, romance, pregnancy, children, speculation, investments in shares and stocks, elections, entertainment, education.
6th houseDiseases, enemies, servants, co-workers, subordinates, hard work, pet animals, lodgers, tenants, debts, thieves.
7th houseSpouse, partner, marriage, love, dealings with the public, open enemies, rival, thief, war, the astrologer whom the querent contacted.
8th houseDeath, accidents, other people's money, money of the spouse, money owed to the querent, taxes, mortgage, loans, insurance, litigation, inheritance after death of a relative, occult related matters, longevity, sex.
9th houseHigher education, long distance travel, foreign countries, law and court, philosophy, religion, divine worship, divine Guru, science and good luck.
10th houseCareer, job and profession, boss or employer, father, promotion, social status, fame, government, ruler, father's status, mother of the querent.
11th houseFriends, hopes and desires, groups, societies, profits, business, success, king's or employer's money, elder brother, documents.
12th houseExpenditure, hospitals, jails, seclusion, secret dealings, drugs and alcohol, sorrow, death, charity, secrete enemies, losses, foreign travel.

Answering a Query

According to Parasara, all planets aspect 7th house from them. In addition, Mars aspects 4th and 8th houses, Saturn aspects 3rd and 10th houses and Jupiter aspects 5th and 9th houses.

When a question is posed by the querent, the Astrologer should draw the horary chart and observe the lord of the house (significator) related to the question. The Astrologer should follow normal rules as in case of any natal chart. Importance should be given to the significator. Aspects to the significator from other planets should be examined. If the significator receives good aspects from other planets or exalted, then we can predict that the event takes place and the desired objective will be successful. If the planet is receiving bad aspects or debilitated then that event will not be fruitful or we can predict failure.

The origin of the question in the mind of the querent is very important in Horary Astrology. So, it is mandatory for the querent to have serious interest to know the outcome of a question. He should not ask any query without real interest or just for fun. Horary Astrology should be used to answer specific questions and it helps to know the events in near future, generally within one year from the time of the question.

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