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locational astrology

You may go to another country or location on account of your job or vacation and stay there for sometime. Since the planets will change from one place to another place, Locational Astrology helps to know whether the new place would be lucky for you or not. It also helps to know which type of good or bad results can be expected from the planets in the new location with the help of Solar maps. Locational astrology is also called astrogeography or Astrocartography.

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We know that all planets rotate around the Sun. But in Astrology, we are concerned with the life of a person on earth and hence we draw the planets positions with respect to earth. This is the reason, the horoscope of the person is prepared taking earth as the central point and assuming all other planets including Sun are rotating around the earth. The planets positions can be projected onto the surface of the earth. At any moment, the planets may be at different locations and their energies will be projected to different locations on the earth.

The planets energies will not be same at two different locations on earth, because same configuration of the planets cannot be obtained. For example, when Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd October 1869 at 7.12 AM LMT at Porbandar in India, his Jupiter is approximately in 8th house in the horoscope. If Mahatama happens to born in some other location on the earth say London at the same moment, one cannot expect his Jupiter to occupy the same house position. To understand this, let us convert Mahatma’s birth time to London, UK time. Since there is a difference of 5.30 hours between India and London, the date and time at London would be 2nd October 1869, 1.42 AM LMT. This is the time which shows in London when Mahatma was born in India. Now the horoscope prepared with this time in London will be different from the original horoscope of Mahatma. Due to the time difference between London and India, Jupiter may shift into 10th house in the new horoscope. The time difference occurs because there is a change in the location. It means, a change in the location or place will change the horoscope.

Judging the changes in the horoscope of a person with a change in the location is called ‘Locational Astrology’. Since the horoscope changes with location, when a person shifts from his birth place to another city or country, he is bound to experience the new modified effects of planets. Locational Astrology was practiced by Western Astrologers from 1930 to 1960 with the name ‘Astrogeography’. During 1970s, Jim Lewis expanded this field using detailed maps and modern software which he called ‘Astrocartography’.

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Locational Astrology helps to know whether the new place to where you are getting transferred would be lucky for you or not. It also helps to know which type of good or bad results can be expected from the planets in the new location. The difficult part in Locational Astrology is when someone wants to know which city or cities are good for him. In this case, we ought to prepare horoscopes for each and every city on the earth which is impossible. But if a person wants to know whether the city A or city B is good for him, then it becomes easy for the Astrologer to give guidance as he should prepare horoscopes for only those two cities.

While judging the effects of planets in Locational Astrology, importance is given to 4 angular houses. They are Ascendant (As), Descendant (Ds), the 4th house which is called Immum Coeli (IC) and the 10th house which is called Medium Coeli (MC). Since these houses are called ‘action houses’, when a planet is located in any of these houses, it is bound to play an important role in the person’s life. When good planets like Jupiter and Venus are positioned in these angular houses, the person will get very good success and prosperity. When bad planets like Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are positioned in the angular houses, the person will face troubles and failures.

Mahatma Gandhi horoscope Astrocartography or Solar maps

When the birth horoscope is prepared, we obtain the position of the planets according to the birth place. In this horoscope, we should note the 4 angular house cusps and the planets which are on or near the cusps. It is possible to obtain a picture depicting the projection of these cusp lines and planets in the cusps. This picture is called ‘Astrocartography’ or ‘Solar Maps’. For example, in the solar map, the planet Jupiter is found to touch the MC line in a particular city. It represents that the native would feel more Jupiter energy in that city. If the native goes to that city, it is certain that he will definitely find growth in higher education and wealth. This is what we can see in Mahatma Gandhi’s Locational Astrology. The following solar map is related to Gandhiji’s birth horoscope, i.e. for 2nd October 1869 at 7.12 AM LMT at Porbandar in India.

gandhi horoscope astrocartography

Gandhiji went to London to have his higher education in Law. In London, we can find Jupiter power line under MC. [Jupiter represents higher education and law]. Later, Gandhiji went to South Africa where he started his career as legal representative for Muslim Indian Traders based in the city of Pretoria. Observe Saturn energy line in IC passing through South Africa. There, he faced a lot of struggles because of discrimination towards blacks which made him fight for civil rights. [Saturn represents career, struggles, civil rights, working for masses]. When he came back to India, he traveled across entire India to understand the problems faced by Indians during British rule. He continued his movement for freedom where he actively used news media to promote his cause. This can be understood from the Mercury power line in As located in India. [Mercury represents mass media, news papers, journeys]. Thus Locational Astrology clearly indicates the events happening in one's life based on the locations one lives in.

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