mundane astrology or medhini jyothisha

Mundane astrology or medhini jyothisha or desa gochara or political astrology examines the mundane horoscope charts of countries and their rulers in predicting the future of the country and people in that country. We should erect the horoscope of the country according to its formation day and also the horoscope of the present ruler of the country to know the future events for that country. A country will progress very well if its mundane horoscope is good. You will also find mundane horoscope charts for India and for USA in this page. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
The word ‘mundane’ refers to earth. Hence, Mundane Astrology focuses mainly on the future of the different countries existing on the earth. Mundane Astrology is a branch of Astrology that examines the charts of countries and their rulers in predicting the future of the country. Mundane Astrology is also called ‘Medhini Jyothisha’ or ‘Desa Gochara’ in Vedic culture. It is also referred to as ‘Political Astrology’ by modern Astrologers.

There are references to Mundane Astrology in Ramayanam. So, its existance can be traced back to several lakhs of years in India. Varahamihira gives a vivid description of Mundane Astrology in his great work 'Brihat samhita'. Western Astrologers like Ptolemy, Sepharial, Alan Leo and Raphael had made tremendous effort on this subject.

Unlike Natal Astrology which focuses on the individual horoscope of a person, Mundane Astrology mainly focuses on the future of a country. It is possible to forecast the time when the ruling party of a country changes, when the country will have conflict with her neighbors, when epidemic diseases spread, when natural calamities like floods and famine are possible and when the people revolt against the Government etc. events in advance. When such things are known in advance, required contingency plans can be adopted to alleviate the problem.

Mundane charts

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Horoscope chart for USA

United States of America has got independence on July 4th 1776. But the time is unknown. So, Astrologers have taken different timings and drawn several horoscope charts for USA. Of the many charts proposed for that day, the most widely accepted continues to be the Sibly chart, set for 5.10 PM on 4th July 1776 in Philadelphia. This chart is constructed by taking the major events happened during the course of several events that have their own impact on the country.

Horoscope chart for India

Most Astrologers take the horoscope chart of India for the Aug 15th, 1947 at 12.00 AM, New Delhi when she became independent. On that day, India acquired only a dominion status under the British Crown. But she was not fully free. She became a sovereign democratic republic only on January 26th, 1950 at 10.18 AM. From this date onwards, she attained her freedom fully and hence this date should be taken for the purpose of predicting the future of India.

Ptolemy’s classification of countries into zodiac is still followed in Western Astrology. According to Ptolemy, the ruling sign for England and Germany is Aries. The ruling sign for USA is Gemini. The ruling sign for India is Capricorn.

According to Indian scholars, the ruling sign for India is Virgo. India, a spiritual land extends from Sharada of Kashmir to Kanya Kumari in the extreme South. These two female deities point to feminine sign Virgo (Kanya) as a ruling sign of India.

Planets in Mundane Astrology

All the planets are given special significance in the Mundane Astrology, as they represent certain classes / community and particular matters, as shown in the following table.

Significator Planet Represents
SunKing, people in power, famous people, elections, cabinet ministers.
MoonFemales in general, food, water, mental worries, water born diseases.
MercuryMass media, journeys, ambassadors, industries, business people.
MarsArmy, police, disputes, accidents, war.
VenusArtists, marriages, births, sex, luxuries.
SaturnDemocracy, agriculture, old people, mines, coal, crops, earth.
JupiterJudges, courts, temples, advisors, religious Gurus.
RahuDiseases beyond cure, selfishness, cheaters, thieves.
KethuMedicines, epidemic diseases, inflation.
UranusRailways, explosives, nuclear weapons, electrical, occult sciences.
NeptuneAnaesthesia, medicines, photography, unconsciousness, sea, fraud companies.
PlutoMassive deaths, unexpected income and losses, exploring new things.

Houses in Mundane Astrology

The influence of the 12 mundane houses in connection to the affairs of the country is given in the following table.

House or Bhava Represents
1st houseCondition of cabinet, public health.
2nd houseRevenue, stock exchange, banking, trading.
3rd houseTransport, automobiles, railways, newspapers, postal and telephones.
4th houseWeather, agriculture, Government lands, mines.
5th houseEducation, children, new births, games and sports, Cinema industry.
6th houseDiseases, public health, Army, Navy, defense.
7th houseForeign relations, crime against women, marriages, International disputes, war.
8th houseState treasury, deaths, large scale losses.
9th houseLaw and courts, endowment department, science, business through ships.
10th houseRuling party, ruler, administration.
11th houseParliament, legislation, legislative members, business groups.
12th houseHospitals, prisons, asylums, temples, crimes, investigation department.

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