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"Master, I bow before your lotus feet with all my reverence and gratitude for your graciousness which ignited the divine bliss in my heart! "

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Dear Visitor,

I am R Nageswara Rao, created in the year 2005 with an intention to provide authentic and genuine information on Astrology and its allied sciences. This website is aimed at becoming a vast repository of information on Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Spiritualism and other such occult subjects. This site however is not a religious site and does not promote any religion.

Dr R Nageswara Rao Indian vedic astrology palmistry and numerology expert Since my childhood days, I have a lot of doubts on the basic issues like 'who am I and what is the link between me and this Universe'. I was searching for the answers for years together. In the quest for truth, I met a Guru in 1980 whose grace enlightened me.

I was a bit skeptic in the beginning as I came from Science background. But, without peeping into our ancient scriptures, how can one claim that they are rubbish? So, I did a diploma in Sanskrit and started diving into the great ocean of knowledge. I read Vedas, Upanishads, Puraanams, Bhagavad Geetha, Bible, Quraan, along with many scriptures and commentaries written by sages like Sankaraacharya, Vasista, Agastya, Viswamitra, etc. The scholastic works by Swami Vivekananda and Sir John Woodroffe also added to my knowledge. I had a glimpse at most of the books available in my Guru's library that occupied a complete floor in his building.

In my youth, I used to spend daily 4 to 5 hours during morning hours in mantra recitation, puja (worship) and meditation. On festival days, I used to spend a whole day or whole night in doing such practices, sometimes joined by my friends who had same spiritual interests. This started in 1981 and continued for many years. Even though I never involved into tantric practices, my studies gave me a deep insight into the inner meanings of mantras, yantras and tantras. Based on my experience, I can share a word with you "While puja helps you to develop bhakti (devotion) towards God, the next stage is mantra which helps you destroy the effects of bad karmas (actions) of your past lives. Unless you do this, you cannot go to the final stage that is called yoga (merging with supreme soul)".

Once the elevation of soul starts, it will be able to receive the divine messages from cosmos. A beautiful girl aged around 12 years, wearing a long frock with a wide golden border appeared several times in my dreams giving instructions. I realized that she is the divine Mother, from whom this entire Universe was born. On several occasions I had darshan (visualization) of Goddess Gayathri, Lord Siva, Vishnu, Ganesh, Subrahmanya, Shirdi Saibaba and sometimes other gods and goddesses whom I never heard of. My humble experiences are now shared with you not with an intention to boast of myself, but with an intention to boost confidence in the people who are ascending the spiritual ladder. Please note that I am not a Guru, I am just an ordinary man with an increased awareness of God. I feel always the incessant presence of God around me.

My interest into occult subjects also started in 1981 when along with a friend I visited a palmist in a nearby village. After predicting something to my friend, the palmist turned to me. I did not show my hand, but the palmist grabbed my hand and had a look into my palm. He said that I would be amused to take any journey by bus rather than by train. That shocked me very much since I love bus journey. I was surprised and wanted to know how he was able to predict such a thing accurately. Then I went to my Guru who said "Remember my child, to learn from anything, you should first pray to it and it reveals itself to you. For example, if you want to learn Palmistry from a book, pray to the book and get sanctioned that it will reveal everything to you. Once you got its approval, you will be able to read between the lines." This method I applied during my whole life while studying any book. Sometimes, by just popping one or two pages, I know what is there in that book and what is not there. Thus I started studying books on Palmistry and by 1983, I started giving predictions. I was thrilled when my predictions were reported to be correct by all most all of my clients. Even today, I receive letters from my clients saying that the predictions given by me (during the period 1983 to 1993) were coming true in their lives.

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In 1986, I visited a pundit who was at the age of 75 and who was an Astrologer with many laurels and was honored with a gandapenderam (a gold ring to the wrist presented by the people) for his scholarly wisdom in Astrology. I have gone through his palms and gave predictions. He was so happy that he insisted me to add Astrology to my knowledge and he expressed his will to become my teacher. Somehow I could not go to him, but I started reading 'Jataka Martandam' a book on Astrology. To my mind, every thing was confusing. I could not understand why so and so planet or sign represents so and so characteristics of a native. I could not continue the study because I could not find reason behind many things. When I met some Astrologers, their interpretations were found to be incorrect and it had lead me to a belief that Astrology does not work!

Meanwhile, I have taken up teaching Physics as my profession. After 2 years, I shifted to teaching Computer Science. I have published several articles on Computers and became member of the editorial board in a reputed computer magazine. Also, I wrote a couple of books on Computers.

In the year 2000, two veteran Astrologers visited my house. We had a discussion on Astrology and Palmistry quite for sometime. One of them picked up my horoscope and started giving predictions with jet speed, covering my entire life just in two minutes. He accurately mentioned the year of my marriage, the number of children and the year when I applied for a passport. It was so stunning that my previous belief on Astrology had been completely changed. This inspired me to start working seriously on Astrology. I studied several classics on Astrology including the great 'Parasara Hora'. Now, I am able to understand the inner heart of Astrology, which seemed to be a mystery a few years ago. I found the reason why I failed previously. When I first attempted to learn Astrology, Saturn dasa period was running in my horoscope. Saturn, a planet of serious contemplation and occult forces would promote Palmistry rather than Astrology. By the time it is 2000, the dasa period of Mercury running. Mercury is a planet of reason and calculations. This planet promotes Astrology and hence my attempts to learn Astrology became fruitful.

I have published several articles on Astrology in different magazines. There were articles exposing sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Astronomy etc found in our Vedas and ancient scriptures. I gave several seminars before learned professors and pundits proving that Astrology has its roots in Science. In fact, it inspired me take up a research work entitled "Influence of Planets on Human beings" under the able guidance of Prof Sri CVB Subrahmanyam. It was amazing to know that everything was available in our Indian Vedic culture. Only thing you should know is how to dig them out. Later I was initiated into Western Astrology by Sri Ch Sambasiva Rao, who is one of the few eminent Western Astrologers hailing from India.

Now, I am working systematically on Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology. People who consult Astrologers generally ask about petty things like when they would get a job or when they were going to become rich or when they would come out of ill health or when they were going to get a lottery. Such mundane things are not important in Astrology, even though Astrology answers such questions. What is important is to know about your self, your mission in this birth and about your soul elevation. Whether you believe in Astrology or not doesn't matter at all, but believe strongly that you were born with an inbuilt alter of God and always try to live in God. Never deviate from the path of Dharma (virtuous life). Finally, you will realize that you are none other than God.

Spiritually Yours,
Dr. R Nageswara Rao
M.Sc. in Physics from Andhra University
PG Diploma in Sanskrit from Andhra University
PG Diploma in Computers from Berhampur University
M.A in Astrology from P.S Telugu University [Gold Medalist]
Ph.D in Astrology from P.S Telugu University

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