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Saddam Hussein was an Iraqi dictator who fought against USA. Saddam Hussein was born to a peasant family in 1937. He took power over Iraq as the president in 1979, finally hanged to death by America in 2006. Vedic Astrology throws clear light on the events that took place during his life time and the factors leading to his death. In Vedic Astrology, the vimsottari dasa system developed by sage Parashara is used to predict the life events for Saddam. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
Entire world knows Saddam Hussein as an Iraqi dictator who ruthlessly crushed all his opposition in his own country, launched a fierce war against Iran, fuelled gulf-war, and dared to fight against USA.

After frequently violating the terms of the Gulf War's cease fire, and repeatedly interfering with UN weapon inspection teams, the USA led an invasion of Iraq. Saddam was taken into custody by US forces, and went on trial for numerous war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other offenses. Finally Saddam was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging.

The following are the important events in the life of Saddam Hussein:

According to Indian Vedic Astrology, let us see which factors in his horoscope have influenced him and moulded his life to become a stern dictator and to have such a pathetic ending. The following are his birth details:

Full Name: Saddam Hussein al-Majid al-Tikriti
Date of Birth: 28th, April 1937.
Time of Birth: 8.55am or 6.00pm.
(We confirmed only 8.55am is the correct time)
Place of Birth: al-Awja, near Tikrit, Iraq

His Ascendant(lagna) sign is Gemini whose lord Mercury in 12th house, representing Saddam is very intelligent and a spendthrift. Mercury is in Taurus, with Kethu and the lord of Taurus is exalted. This represents that he is fond of extreme sexual pleasures. His 7th lord is Jupiter in 8th which indicates second-wife. The lord of 8th is Saturn who is with exalted Venus, clearly represents he will have multiple marriages or multiple spouses.

His 5th house lord Venus in exaltation represents that he will have more surviving female-issues. Saturn with Venus gives an indication that his male children may not survive. This is confirmed by Rahu's aspect on Venus.

His 10th house which symbolizes his profession is occupied by exalted Venus and 9th lord Saturn. Parasara says: "If 9th lord is in 10th, the native will be respected by the world, virtuous, either a king or equal to the king or a soldier." Note that Venus and Saturn are best benefics for his horoscope. These planets put him always in the top position in his career. 10th lord being Jupiter, will give him a career in politics or a career linked with religion. The 11th house Aries represents profits from career. This place is occupied by exalted Sun, aspected by Retrograde Mars indicating again political career and authority in the government. Venus,Saturn,Sun, Mars will no doubt make him a deep thinker with stubborn decisions, a martinet and a born army general. Rahu conjoined with Moon will make him take wrong decisions.

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His Ascendant lord Mercury is in 12th house, combined with Kethu and aspected by Retrograde Mars, debilitated Moon and Rahu from 6th house. This single observation shows crystal clear that he has harm(6th house -harm from enemity) to his life(Ascendant lord in 12th) through these multiple planets. Multiple planets here represent Coalition forces led by different countries. The Kala-sarpa yoga to his Ascendant lord, in 12th from Ascendant represents danger to self either by poision or by hanging. Mars aspect to Ascendant lord represents a sudden accident. Observe Mars, Moon and Rahu in the place of Scorpio, which is called Randhra sthan, the place representing a hole. This denotes that he would stay for some time before his death in a hole. This is nothing but the bunker where he was caught by the Coalition forces and this also represents the narrow prison cell alloted to him after his capture.

Before we get into minute details, let us once again remember the benefic and malefic planets in Saddam's horoscope, as:

Benefics: Venus, Saturn, Sun
Malefics: Jupiter, Mars, Moon, Rahu, Kethu
Neutral: Mercury

Saddam Hussein was born to a peasant family on April 28, 1937.

This is clearly denoted by his 9th lord(father) which is Saturn. Saturn represents peasants who live on agriculture.

Joined Baath Arab Socialist Party in 1957.

Mercury-Saturn period from 5/2/1957 to 16/10/1959 . Since Saturn is lord of Bhagya sthan(place of Luck) and located in the place of career, he shows new avenues to improve his career.

Became vice president of Iraq from 1968 to 1979.

Venus-Venus started from 16/10/1966 to 14/2/1970, who is the best benefic and in the place of career, will give a turn to his career by making him the vice president. The major period of Venus up to 16/10/1986 (20 years) will give him non-stop rise in his career.

Took full power over Iraq as the president in 1979, from 16/7/1979 to 9/4/2003.

Venus-Saturn period started from 16/8/1979. Note that both Venus and Saturn are the best benefics in his horoscope. Also Venus has 'Maalvya Yoga' which is one of the top five yogas recognized by Sage Parasara. Parasara says:"A person who is born with Maalvya Yoga will have a graceful body, eyes of a woman, handsome, powerful, meritorious; blessed with wife and children, vehicles and wealth; learned, knows the meaning of the sacred texts; knows how to use his energy, capacity and counsel; liberal; fond of other women; lives up to 77 years."

Is there any doubt that Venus-Saturn period makes him a ruler of a country?

Ordered invasion of Iran in 1980. The Iran-Iraq war was fought from 1980 to 1988, killing 1 million people.
Ordered invasion of Kuwait on 2/8/1990.

Venus-Saturn started from 16/8/1979, and by 1986 the major period of Venus ended. After Venus, the major period of Sun will start. These planets influence Saddam, making him greedy about showing his power and authority till the end of Sun period on 15/10/1992.

Sun is in labha sthan (place of profits) and symbolizes power and governance. He is aspected by retrograde Mars who is an army person. So this combination will provoke him to prove himself as the most powerful ruler. So he waged a war against Iran, and later against Kuwait. Of course Mars aspect on Sun is not good.

USA began bombing Baghdad on 20/3/2003 and took over Baghdad on 9/4/2003.
Saddam Hussein was captured by USA forces on 13/12/2003.

Trouble started to Saddam when Mars period started from 15/10/2002. Note that Mars is highly inimical to his horoscope. Mars represents his enemies. When Mars-Rahu started on 14/3/2003, the trouble aggravates and the effect is USA took over Baghdad. By the time Mars-Rahu ends on 31/3/2004, he was caught by USA forces.

Trial began in October 2005.

Mars-Saturn from 7/3/2005 to 16/4/2006 is a period of high tensions and anger.

Was sentenced to death on 5/11/2006.
Was hanged to death on 30/12/2006.

Mars-Mercury-Rahu started on 4/11/2006. Mars is lord of 6th located in 6th. This represents a powerful enemy. Mercury is Ascendant lord, representing self. Mars and Mercury are arch rivals in Astrology. Rahu is implementing Kala-sarpa yoga representing death by hanging or by poisoning. In Saddam's case, this Kala-sarpa yoga occured for 6th(enemy place) and 12th(place representing losses and death).

Mars-Mercury-Jupiter started on 28/12/2006. Jupiter debilitated in ayuh sthan(place of longevity) will take off the longevity.

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