In Palmistry, not only the palms but also the tips at their fingers will provide a lot of information about the nature and future of the humanbeings. The ridges on the finger tips are formed when the baby is in the mother's womb. The five ridge patterns are loop, arch, tented arch, whorl and composite. The four shapes of finger tips include square, rounded, pointed and spatulate. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
Every part of the hand provides useful information to a Palmist. Hence, the Palmist should observe the hand from top to bottom, its fingers, nails, mounts and lines along with its color, texture and shape.

Fingers and finger tips supply very good information about your nature. Since any abnormalities in the nature of the person lead to diseases in the physical body, the finger tips will also indicate probable diseases that you are prone to.

First the shapes of the fingers at their tips should be noted. Then the ridge pattern at the tips of the fingers should be observed. These two will reveal the person’s nature. The ridge pattern at the tips of the fingers is also known as finger print patterns.

finger tip ridge pattern in palmistry The finger prints of prisoners were collected during the kingdom of Babylonian king Hammurabi (1792-1750 BC). Later these prints were used to identify the criminals. Around 1900 BC, Babylonians used to take finger prints in clay plates while arriving into any legal agreement. This was done to get protection from forgery and cheating.

Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911), a famous English scientist was the first person to prove that no two finger prints in the world will be alike. He specified that there is possibility for a total of 64,000,000,000 different finger print patterns. This is nine times the world’s population today.

Sir William James Herschel introduced the method of identifying criminals in India by their finger print patterns during 1860. This is adopted by Dr Henry Faulds in 1880 in England. Japanese have classified the finger print patterns into 32 types with the names like ken, do, ko, ton, kai, kaku, etc. Using these types, they would predict the character and fate of the person.

While in the mother’s womb, the endocrine activity will start in the fetus. As a result, the ridges will form on the finger tips. This formation will take place during the fourth month of the baby. These ridges will not change during the entire life time of the person. Even the finger tips are burned, the same ridge pattern will once again appear slowly. This is the reason, Police use these ridge patterns in forensic department to catch the culprits. In modern medical science, the study of these ridge patterns is called ‘dermatoglyphics’. Doctors are using these ridge patterns in diagnosing the diseases.

Ridge pattern on the finger tips

Palmistry identifies 5 types of ridge patterns on the finger tips. They are: 1. Loop 2. Arch 3. Tented Arch 4. Whorl and 5. Composite. To see these ridge patterns, we should use a magnifying glass. The best way is to apply some ink to the finger tips using an ink-pad so that the ridges will be visible clearly.


The central point of the ridges is called ‘apex’. When the apex is formed like a sloping loop, it is called a ‘loop’. The loop may bend towards left side or right side with the ridges surrounding it. The loop pattern represents intelligence and versatility of the person. Such a person is mentally and emotionally balanced. He is quick in taking decisions. When all the fingers have loop formation, then the person will try to do several activities at a time.

Since the person will involve in many activities, there will be tension in the mind. There will be more rush of blood to the brain and hence there will be less supply of blood to the digestive system. Hence, the loop represents digestive troubles and heart troubles.
Vedic palmistry finger print loop


In this type of ridge pattern, the apex flows across the finger tip and the ridges move up like a small arch. Such a person will not openly express his feelings. He will repress his emotions. He is dominating in nature. He will be hesitant to take any decision. He is not trustworthy.

The main health problems represented by Arch formation are digestive weakness, ulcers and faulty blood conditions. There may be infectious diseases also.
Palmistry finger print patterns arch

Tented Arch

In Tented Arch, the apex will be perpendicular to the flow of ridges. Such persons are highly sensitive. He is artistic and likes music. He is not balanced emotionally. It means he is impulsive. Hence he is affected by nerves troubles and anxiety.
Hindu palmistry tented arch
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In this type, the apex is formed by circular whorl. The person with whorl pattern dominating on his finger tips will have independence of thought and action. He is self confident with definite opinion on many things. He will maintain secrecy. He does not want to discuss his plans with others.

When a clear whorl is found on the thumb, the person will be blessed with good fortune and good wife. If such a whorl is having brakes, then there will be trouble in the married life.

People with Whorl pattern are likely to suffer from nervous troubles and heart troubles.
finger print whorl pattern


This pattern is formed by two apexes running in loop formation in opposite directions. The Composite type represents practical bent of mind. The person will think of material benefits in every issue and exhibits critical mentality. He is not artistic.

The person will have a love for eating and becomes gluttony. Hence he is liable to suffer from fatty conditions or obesity.
composite finger print in palmistry

Shapes of Finger tips

The finger tips can be classified into 4 types according their shape. 1. Square 2. Rounded 3. Pointed and 4. Spatulate. [See Figure]

shapes of finger tips in palmistry The Square finger tips represent a person who is practical minded and who will realize his dreams by his work. He will have good executive ability. These finger tips are common among engineers and Government officials.

The Rounded finger tips indicate that the person is more of thinking nature. He prefers to work with mind than with body. He will involve in planning part of any project. Rounded tips will make diplomats and Government spokespersons.

The Pointed finger tips are indicative of artists and day dreamers. These people are mentally creative but they lack executive abilities. They are highly sensitive.

The Spatulate finger tips represent people with curiosity to know more. They generally invent new things. Hence these tips are common in research scholars. In some cases, Spatulate tips represent people with too quick in action. Sports people are example for this.

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