When a person's mind is occupied by negative energies, we cannot take good decisions and face failures in life. In such a case, gems are capable of introducing positive energies into our body and mind and thus lead us into success. There is connection between the planetary frequencies and the frequencies of the colored rays emitted by the gems. When a gem of a planet is worn by the native, that gem fills the nativeís nervous system with specific positive vibrations. This helps in curing diseases. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
Astrologically the houses 6th, 8th and 12th represent diseases, enemies, debts and obstacles. If these houses are occupied by malefic planets, they contribute to diseases and losses. When a planet is placed in any or all of these houses, its negative vibrations are induced into the brain and nervous system of the native leading to mental and physical distress. Hence, the native will not be able to take wise decisions and cannot carry his plans without flaws. This leads to tensions, losses and diseases. By wearing gems, the negative vibrations entering into the native can be nullified. When a gem of a planet is worn by the native, that gem fills the nativeís nervous system with specific positive vibrations. This leads the native to recover from diseases and attain prosperity.

The following table describes the name of the disease and the planets which cause that disease along with which gem should be worn by the native to re-introduce the positive vibrations to cure that disease. In each case, weight of the gem stone should be from 5 to 6 carats unless otherwise specified. [1 carat = 200 milligrams] Remember Red Coral should be worn in a copper ring and Yellow Sapphire in a gold ring to either ring finger or index finger. Ruby should be worn in gold ring to ring finger. Moonstone and White Pearl should be worn in silver ring and Emerald in gold ring to little finger. Blue Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli should be worn in an iron or silver ring to middle finger. Catís eye and Hessonite should be worn in silver ring to little finger. Where more than one gem is prescribed, each gem should be worn in a separate ring. All the gems should be worn to the fingers of right hand only.

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Disease Planets causing it Gem stones
This is also called bloodlessness. It is an indication of reduced red corpuscles in blood.
Sun, Jupiter afflicted by Saturn and Mars. Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire.
Arthritis / Rheumatism
It is caused by inflammation of the joints. The person feels pain when walking or sitting.
Saturn and Rahu. Red Coral and Yellow Sapphire.
The bronchial tubes contract and secrete an excessive mucous which makes breathing difficult.
Saturn, Moon and Mercury. Emerald and Yellow Sapphire. Use Moonstone as an additional gem.
Eye problems
Eye sight, infections to eyes are the common problems to many people.
Afflicted Sun and Moon. Red ruby and white pearl.
Brain fever
It is caused by inflammation of the meninges which is an envelop of the brain and spinal cord.
Saturn, Mars and Rahu. Ruby, Yellow Sapphire and Emerald.
Brain tumors
This represents growth of unwanted tissue in the brain.
Afflicted Mars and Mercury. Red Coral, Emerald and Yellow Sapphire.
This is a kind of lung disease which is caused by the inflammation of bronchial tubes.
Mars or Sun afflicted by Rahu or Saturn. Red Coral.
Cancer is the result of abnormal growth of body cells.
Moon afflicted by Kethu and any other one or two planets. Light Blue Sapphire to middle finger, Red Coral to ring finger.
This causes skin eruption and blisters on the body.
Mars. Red Coral in a copper ring.
Childrenís diseases
Children below 10 years are prone to many diseases like diarrhea, allergies, food poisoning, etc.
Moon. Moonstone of 1 carat can be worn in a silver pendant around the neck of the child.
Cirrhosis of liver
This is a condition where liver will be hardened and enlarged.
Mercury and Jupiter afflicted by Saturn and Kethu. Emerald and Yellow Sapphire. Use Moonstone as an additional gem.
It is inflammation of intestines with severe pain. Acute condition of this disease is called ulcerative colitis.
Saturn and Mars. Emerald and Moonstone.
This is a symptom where bowl movement will be reduced.
Saturn. Red Coral in a copper ring.
Deafness /Ear troubles
Problems to ears are caused by accumulation of wax in the ears, ruptured ear drum or blows to head.
Saturn and Mercury. Red Coral. Wear Emerald to middle finger as an additional gem.
These are skin troubles like rashes and infections to skin.
Venus and Mars. White Coral and Lapis Lazuli.
It represents abnormal glucose levels in the blood, marked by excessive urination and persistent thirst.
Two or three malefic planets in watery signs. Moon and Venus afflicted by Mars and Sun. Red Coral, Emerald and Blue Sapphire.
Digestive disorders
Digestive system related diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and poor digestion.
Saturn and afflicted Sun. Emerald, Yellow Sapphire and Moonstone.
Diseases of the blood
They refer to diseases like syphilis, anemia, leukemia, etc.
Saturn and Mars. Red Coral, Yellow Sapphire and Moonstone.
It is characterized by sudden disturbances of brain function.
Afflicted Mars, Mercury and Moon. Emerald and Moonstone. Use Red Coral as a secondary gem
Frigidity in sex
This represents a lack of interest in sexual intercourse.
Afflicted Moon by Rahu and Saturn. White pearl of 12 carats should be worn in a silver ring to little finger.
Headache / Migraine
Anxiety, indigestion, eye troubles and sinus infection cause headaches.
Afflicted Mercury, Mars and Saturn. Emerald and Moonstone.
Heart diseases
This represents functional disorder of heart and its valves.
Afflicted Sun by Saturn, Rahu or Mars. Emerald, White Pearl and Yellow Sapphire. Use Red Coral as an additional gem
This is mental sickness which causes frequent fits and fainting with abnormal behavior.
Moon, Mercury and Saturn. Red Coral and Moonstone.
Insanity / Mental illness
This is mental disorder where the personal behavior is exaggerated.
Afflicted Moon or Mercury by Saturn or Rahu. Emerald, Red Coral and Moonstone.
This is a condition where the person cannot sleep adequate time.
Afflicted Mercury, Moon and Jupiter. Emerald, Moonstone and Yellow Sapphire.
This is caused by excessive secretion of bile into the blood. It causes the skin and eyes to appear in yellow color.
Saturn and Mars. Deep Red Coral and Light Blue Sapphire.
This is also called blood cancer.
Rahu and Kethu. Catís eye, Yellow Sapphire and Gomedha (Hessonite).
Menstrual disorders
These are related to female problems like bleeding and white discharge.
Afflicted Moon by Mars. White pearl of 10 carats in silver ring. Use Red Coral as additional gem.
It represents frequent abortion in pregnancy,
Mars. Red Coral and Emerald.
Loss of muscle function due to damage of nerves.
Mercury afflicted by Saturn. Red Coral and Emerald. Moonstone can be used as secondary gem.
This is caused by excessive exposure to Sun light during summer.
Sun and Mars. Yellow Sapphire.
Throat troubles
Pain in the throat, sore throat, tonsils, cough and chocking voice.
Sun and Mars. Red Coral.

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