Understanding the nature of human beings from the shape and lines on forehead is called Metoposcopy or Forehead reading or face reading. Studying the vertical creases and horizontal lines on forehead will give clues to human personality and behavior. The horizontal lines on the forehead are linked to the 7 planets in Astrology. Similarly, the veritcal creases and the shape of hair line indicate several interesting things about humanbeings. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
Understanding the nature of human beings from the shape and lines on forehead is called ‘Metoposcopy’ or 'Forehead reading'. This art was practiced ages together. The Italian scholar and doctor Gerolamo Cardano born in 1901 wrote several books where he linked the horizontal lines on the forehead with the seven planets found in Astrology. Studying the vertical creases and horizontal lines on forehead along with its shape will give clues to human personality and behavior.

The Shape of Hair-line

The hair-line is the region at the top of the forehead from where the hair on the head starts growing. The straight hair line [Fig 1] represents logical mind. The person is practical in his approach and feels that any problem can be solved by brain power. He or she will not have feelings.

Sometimes, the straight hair-line will be short [Fig 2] because of the hair grown from the sides towards the forehead. It represents a person with anger and irritable nature. He or she will have rigid views which cannot be changed. Such people often have unhappy childhood which makes them crave for love and sex. However lover affairs will bring them troubles.

face reading forehead reading hair line
A rounded hair-line [Fig 3] represents wavering mind, superstition, irresponsible and selfish person. He or she will be fond of good food and comforts and exploits others.

A peaked hair-line [Fig 4] indicates troubled teenage and therefore the person feels insecure. The person will have high intelligence but narrow views. Their revolutionary ideas will make them join some anti-social groups.

The M- shaped hair-line [Fig 5] symbolizes the artistic person who is sensitive and who needs praise from others. Such a person feels superior to others. Such people tell that they love others but in reality they love themselves.

An uneven or zigzag hair-line [Fig 6] belongs to rebellious and rigid person. He would receive unhappiness from the society around him in his youth. If the forehead is wide and high, then he will achieve success in a chosen field, otherwise there will be failure.

The divisions of forehead

We can divide the forehead into two parts, horizontally [Fig 7]. The upper part represents the childhood of the person where as the lower part tells about his career.

face reading forehead reading forehead divisions If the upper half part is high, shiny and without any black scars, then the person would maintain good relation with his parents. His parents would be fortunate and their advice will help him reach higher levels in the life.

If the lower half part is high, shiny and without any blemishes, then the person settles in good job or career early. He will also enjoy good social status by the time he gets middle age. If this region is depressed or with black scars, then the person will face difficulties in getting the job. He has to work on less pay and he may change the jobs several times.

Vertical creases on forehead

The vertical creases or lines generally rise between the eyebrows. They are not good in general meaning. When a single vertical crease is found between the eyebrows [Fig 8], the person becomes selfish, egotistical and ambitious. He will work for his personal goals and reach a good position in his career. He will make enemies because of his selfish nature. Sometimes, the vertical crease also indicates premature and violent death.

face reading forehead reading vertical creases
Two vertical creases which are in parallel on the forehead represent a person who can see others’ point of view. Such a person will have good understanding of others’ feelings. Generally the two vertical creases represent a good talent for acting. When the two vertical creases on forehead are sloping inward [Fig 9] or bent outward [Fig 10], they represent ego-centric nature of the person. His personal relationships will not be good. Such a person cannot achieve much.

When three vertical creases are found in parallel [Fig 11], the person achieves early success and becomes a celebrity.

When there are more than three vertical creases on the forehead, the person becomes restless and aimless in his life and often indulges in bad habits like liquors or drugs.

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Meaning of Horizontal lines on forehead

We can find up to 7 horizontal lines on the forehead. These lines are linked with the 7 planets in Astrology. The line in the middle of the forehead is associated with the planet Sun.

The horizontal lines starting from the hair-line down to the eyebrows are ruled by the planets in the order: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Moon. [Fig 12]

face reading horizontal lines on forehead The Saturn line represents a reserved person interested in occult sciences. It gives a talent for learning foreign languages, interest in agriculture and mining.

The Jupiter line represents acquisition of wealth, love of knowledge, over-eating and strong religious beliefs.

The Mars line indicates aggressive nature, conflict with others, courage and stamina, hot temper and selfishness.

The Sun line signifies a desire for power and prestige, a good job often in Government sector and a good social status.

The Venus line signifies interest in fine arts like singing and musical instruments, love of entertainment and pleasures.

The Mercury line gives talent for business, good communication skills useful in writing and sales.

The Moon line gives good intuition and artistic sensitivity like love of music and poetry, love for good food and liquids. Sometimes, this Moon line is divided into two parts which can be seen on the two eye brows. When this is the case, the half above the left eye denotes Moon and the remaining half above the right eye denotes the Sun.

When the horizontal lines are long, unbroken and without any cross lines or black marks, then they bestow favorable results for the person. If these lines are broken into pieces or crossed by small lines or forming islands or having black scars, then they represent bad character of the person. For example, a bad Mercury line represents fault finding nature of the person. It will also bring breaks in education and losses in business.

Face Reading and forehead reading of Nelson Mandela

No introduction is needed for Nelson Mandela who was winner of the Nobel Peace prize in 1993 and who became the first democratic President of South Africa in 1994. Observe the hair-line of Nelson Mandela which is straight and not short. It represents the logical thinking of Mandela. He would be able to solve any problem with his methodical approach and logical abilities.

face reading of Nelson Mandela The forehead is wide and the height of the forehead is equal to the length of the nose. This represents the person is very intelligent and broad-minded.

His eyebrows rising in the middle represent his strength of will and a desire for independence. Such a person likes his own way and wants to lead others. This is evident from his fight for justice against racism.

The wide gap between his eyebrows represents that the person will become wealthy and famous. His eyelids sloping downwards indicate a decent and good natured person. Such a person believes in ‘hard luck’.

The crease line at the upper portion of his nose between the eyebrows represents an authoritarian personality who likes his own way and who expects others to mould themselves to his needs. Of course, this is necessary for any leader.

The cheek lines going downward along with drooping lines from the mouth indicate that the person will hold a high powerful office like a monarch or President. Also, it represents long life for the person.

The centre part of his forehead is high and there are lines ruled by Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Mercury and Moon.

The Jupiter line is the topmost one nearer to hair line representing leadership qualities and executive abilities. It also represents keen sense of justice. Nelson Mandela’s life reveals these qualities.

The Mars line exists below the Jupiter line. Half of the Mars line is strong. It represents an aggressive person. It also represents troubles from Police and imprisonment. Mandela got military training in Morocco and Ethiopia. Also he was put in prison for 27 years.

Half of the Sun line is found in the middle of the forehead which represents political success. It also represents troubles from Government. Since this line is strong, Mandela started his political career at an early age of 24 and later became the President of South Africa.

The Mercury line is very long and good indicating good intelligence and communication skills. He can understand and implement law. He did LLB and started his own law firm and practiced as a lawyer.

The Moon line is broken into two parts and exists above each eye brow. But this is very weak and hence cannot help him much.

The Jupiter and Sun lines are very favorable on his forehead which gave good recognition for him and he got over 250 awards.

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