at my gurus feet

Now a days, we see several gurus and babas with a shiny beard, special attire, wearing vermilion or vibhooti on the forehead and giving a pose as if they directly descended from heavens. In reality, a spiritually inclined person never shows such type of physical exhibitionism. A real guru appears very normal and simple. Hence, it is very difficult for us to recognize who is a real guru and who is not. In this article, I introduce some of my spiritual experiences with my Guru Sri Mangipudi Appaji to help you recognize the true Guru or spiritual guide. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
“Be, like a water drop on a lotus leaf. The water drop stays on the lotus leaf but never attaches itself to it. In the same way, you should perform your duties without slightest attachment to the wordly affairs.”
- Sri M Appaji [1939 - 2000].

Guru is god Guru is God in the human form

My Guru always had a neat shaven beard, wears a white or light colored shirt and pants, working as a Principal in a Junior college. He teaches all subjects Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Economics, Politics and what not. He is well versed in English, Sanskrit, Telugu, Hindi, French and a bit of German. He is a versatile genius in all most all subjects like Vedas, Upanishads, Puraanas, Astrology, Palmistry, Vaastu, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Mantras, Tantras, Yantras etc. I have seen at least 100 people who by recording his talks on various subjects and producing them at Universities have obtained Ph.Ds.

Every day, around 200 to 300 people used to visit him. Yet, I never saw slightest irritation in his face. He was helping the people without expecting any thing from them. People visit him to get their diseases cured. People possessed by devils used to take his help at psychic levels. Some people used to contact him to improve their business and financial levels. Only a few people wanted him to help them at spiritual levels. I was one among them, whom he calls fondly ‘sishya’ (disciple).

Guru is omnipresent Guru is omnipresent

It was around 1.30 at night. There were no street lights. The objects were recognizable in the full moon light. I was returning home on my bicycle alone. There was a canal flowing at one side and the other side was an empty land stretching for almost two kilometers. There was no body in the sight and the entire scene was spine-chilling. A feeling of fear shook me. I was in need of some help to get rid of this fear. So I prayed to my Guru. Suddenly a person on a bicycle at around 200 meters distance appeared before me. To my surprise it was my Guru, going ahead of me. So far I could not see any one, how come he appeared suddenly before me? To know this, I increased the speed of my bicycle.

I was just putting more and more effort to reach him, but it was in vain. He was going at that speed, always he was 200 meters away from me. Within a few minutes, he took a right turn into a street. When I followed him into the street, I could not find any body there, but found myself in the vicinity of my house located in the street.

Guru is omniscient Guru is omniscient

It was usual for my Guru to go to bed at around 2.00 o’ clock in the night. He used to get up by 5.00 o’ clock in the morning. Once, I stayed with him for a long time in the night when he was talking on several important issues from ancient scriptures. The time was 2.00 o’ clock and I dragged his attention saying “Master, it is already 2.00 o’ clock”.

He said “My boy, to day I have to wait for another 1 hour before I take rest.”

“Why is it so?” - I asked.

“Just now, at the other side of the river (Godavari), a former was bitten by a venomous snake. He is in a serious condition. The villagers gathered around him. Since they knew about me, they were bringing him to me now. It takes another 1 hour for them to cross the river and come to me.”

“If it is a venomous snake, he may die before he reaches here.”

“No, he will not die because I already sent my mantra power to protect him.”

So, I too waited along with him. It was around 3.00 o’ clock in the morning, when the door was knocked by a group of people.

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Guru is omnipotent Guru is omnipotent

It was usual for me to visit my Guru and sometimes staying with him till midnight. One such night, I took leave from my Guru and came out. There was heavy rain due to cyclone effect. So I stopped in the verandah. After a few minutes my Guru came out and saw me. He said “Come in and wait here.”

I said “It is already late. I have to go home, master.”

“OK, it is not a big issue. I will stop the rain. Get in.”

Both of us sat in the living room. He said “Get me that rosary.”

I have handed over a rudraksha rosary and he started reciting some mantra. Within a few minutes, the rain subsided. I clearly noticed the sound of rain stopped. But I could not get up because he was talking something. After another half an hour, I wanted to come out. I saw the rain started again. My Guru has again taken the rosary into his hands and within two minutes, the rain stopped. He said “It will not rain till you go to your house”.

I took my bicycle and started to my house. It was around 4 kilometers away. There is not even a single droplet of rain. When I reached my house, my mother opened the doors. When I got onto the steps, all of a sudden the rain resumed again. My mother said “There is no rain for the last half an hour and it seems you brought it back with you”.

guru grace Guru’s grace goes beyond planets

There was an old Astrologer in a nearby town. He was very famous because his predictons were never wrong. After understanding the influence of planets on human beings, he became a stern believer in planets and not in God. Long back, his wife died after giving birth to a female baby. One day, he visited my Guru. After some discussion, he said, “Now Iam at the age of 70 and my daughter is at 27. Since her childhood I played the dual role of being her mother and father. After seeing her horoscope, I came to know that she is going to marry at the age of 32. It means I should live for another 5 years to see her marriage. But my horoscope shows that I will die at 73 without seeing her married. This is pinching me a lot.”

My Guru said, “No problem, by God’s grace I will extend your longevity beyond your daughter’s marriage.”

He smiled and said, “The planets in my horoscope let me live for another 3 years only.”

“Beyond planets, we have God to help us” said my Guru softly.

He could not believe in my Guru’s words. He got up silently and left the room.

Later, I came to know that his daugher’s marriage had taken place at her 32nd year of age and the Astrologer survived beyond her marriage. He died at the age of 78 with contentment. After his daughter’s marriage, he wrote a letter to my Guru saying that ‘Now my whole opinion on God and You has changed’.

spiritual guru Gurus also have sufferings

Once my Guru had jaundice and he was suffering from it for almost 15 days. I always feel that Guru is God and as per my knowledge God should never get any troubles or diseases. So, I asked him “Why is that you had this disease?”

He said “My boy, three births before from now, I had stolen food from my neighbor’s house, the act of which is now troubling me in the form of jaundice.”

Another time, I observed some blisters on his left foot and asked him “Master, till yesterday your feet were clean and tidy. Today, all of a sudden, I observe some skin disease.”

He said “My child, yesterday I visited one of my disciples’ house upon his request. At the end, his wife and him self kissed my feet, even though I refused. Now I have to bear their karmic debts which manifested in the form of skin disease. It will be on my foot for exactly 3 years and till then I have to bear with it.”

Of course, the disease did not vanish for 3 years even after great efforts of other disciples to remove it. But after 3 years, it automatically disappeared.

The word 'Guru' comprises of two sounds 'Gu' and 'Ru'. The sound 'Gu' represents darkness or ignorance. The sound 'Ru' represents light or knowledge. So, 'Guru' is one who leads you from darkness into divine light. If you have a Guru, you are lucky. If you do not have a Guru, then start searching for him. You may get him now or you may get him in the next birth. But you should continue your search. Never go to the Guru to quench your selfish motives. Guru will help you to attain elevation of soul and to merge into the supreme soul. When you sit at your Guru’s feet, your mind stops wavering and all of your senses become quite and calm, getting you into instant Samadhi that gives you incessant divine bliss. I felt it at my Guru’s feet, did you feel it too?

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