Vedic Astrology gives clues regarding who can become a teacher, especially in a Government school or college. This is possible through Educational astrology by observing several horoscopes of teachers. In India, Teaching profession is given highest regard since ancient times and 'Teachers Day' is celebrated on the birth day of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. This article also focuses on astrology horoscope of Dr Radhakrishnan and his service to teaching profession. In this context we will also discuss about Dharmakarmadhipathi yoga, Ruchaka yoga, Gaja kesari yoga.

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In olden days, children were sent to a Guru (divine guide) to get educated. The Guru who lives in a hermitage teaches the pupils the knowledge related to God. But, today this story is changed. Our children are sent to schools where Government employed teachers teach some subjects which help them to feed their stomach in this material world. Thus the role of a teacher has changed but his importance is not ceased.

Vedic Astrology gives clues regarding who can become a teacher, especially in a Government school or college. Of course, to decide the profession of a person, we should examine the 10th house in his horoscope.

Karmaadheeso grahaayasya vartate atra navaamsake |
Karmanaam tatsamaanaanam samsidhim nirdisedbudha | - Horamakarandam

To decide the native’s profession, one should consider the 10th lord, planet in 10th house and the lord of Navamsa where 10th lord is posited.

Along with the 10th house, one should consider the 2nd house since it represents the income and the 6th house which represents the service provided to the society. In his famous book ‘The Scientific Hindu Astrology Vol - I’, the veteran Astrologer Prof P.S. Sastry who is a contemporary to Dr B.V Raman writes:

“It is possible to know about the speech, family, religious belief and learning aptitude from the 2nd house and about disease, enemies, problems of skin and eyes, servants etc. from the 6th house.”

Deciding teaching profession in Astrology

Analyzing 2nd, 6th and 10th houses and the planets there is not sufficient to decide the profession of a person. We should look at the lord of Navamsa where the 10th lord is posited.

Jeevamsake bhoosura devataanaam
Samaasrayaadbhoomipathi prasaadaat |
Puraanasastraagama neetimaargaa
Dharmopadesena kuseedavrityaa | - Phaladeepika

If 10th lord is positioned in Jupiter’s navamsa, the person will live by the help of scholars, by a profession related to gods, by government job, by reciting Holy Scriptures and by teaching morals and by business in money lending.

So, it is clear that the native will become a teacher if in his horoscope the 10th lord is in Jupiter’s navamsa.

Mantropadesa rasavaada vinodamaargai
raavrittibhissakalasaastra puraanamaargaih |
Jnaanopadesanipunah kshitipaalapoojyo
jeevathyasaavitivadeddhinanaayakaamsee | - Sarvaardhachintamani

If the 10th lord is positioned in the navamsa of Sun, the person recites mantras, practices alchemy, involves in entertainment, reads Holy Scriptures, becomes expert in teaching and lives by Government job.

Thus, if the 10th lord is in Sun’s navamsa, the native will become a Government teacher. Here is another point:

Silpaadisaastraagama kaamyamaarga jyotirgati jnaanavasaadbhdhaamse |
Paraardhya vedaadhyanaajjpaaccha purohitavyaajavasaacchavrittihi | - Sarvaardhachintamani

10th lord in Mercury’s navamsa will make the person skilled in Sculpture, Knowledge, literature, Astrology, Vedas, mantras and priesthood.

So, the 10th lord position in Mercury navamsa is also important for teaching profession. From the preceding discussion, we can understand that the planets Jupiter, Sun and Mercury should have relationship with the houses 2nd, 6th and 10th. For example, if the 10th house falls in Gemini, its lord is becoming Mercury which promotes teaching profession.

Deciding Government job in Astrology

Taamram svarnam pitru subhaphalam chaatmasoukhya prataapam |
Dhiarya souryam samithi vijayam raajasevaam prakaasam | - Phaladeepika

Copper, Gold, Paternal fortunes, bravery, courage, success in the battlefield and Government job should be known from the planet Sun.

This means to get a Government job, one should have Sun’s connection to 2nd, 6th and 10th houses. Also, 10th lord occupying Sun’s navamsa indicates Government job.

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From the preceding discussion, the following list of conclusions can be derived which help us to know whether a person will become a teacher in a Government school or college.

Horoscope of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

The great teacher and philosopher from India who inspired the Western world about the Indian culture, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on Septemer 5th 1888 at 11.57 AM at Tiruttani, near Tirupathi.

sarvepalli radhakrishanan horoscope His Ascendant is Scorpio occupied by Jupiter who is the lord of 2nd and 5th. As 2nd lord, Jupiter represents income from speech, i.e. teaching profession. As 5th lord, Jupiter represents philosophy or religious studies as his favorite subject. This is the reason, Radhakrishnan did a research on Indian philosophy in Mysore University during 1918 and worked as a lecturer in philosophy in Calcutta University during 1921.

Note the placement of Sun in 10th house with 9th lord Moon. The association of 9th and 10th lords is called Dharmakarmadhipathi yoga which represents name and fame. Since it is formed with Sun and Moon, it is a sure sign of becoming a public figure in Government office. The Ruchaka and Gaja-kesari yogas are also noteworthy in his horoscope which made him a bold political leader. Under his Presidentship, India won two battles with China and Pakistan.

Observe the planets Mercury and Venus in the 11th house. Mercury being the lord of 11th positioned in 11th house. Sage Parasara says: “When the lord of 11th is in 11th house, the native will get profits, good education and enjoys happiness in life” – Brihatparasara hora sastra.

Regarding the placement of Venus, see what sage Bhrigu says: “When Venus is in 11th house, the native will become a scholar, wealthy, landlord and kind hearted” – Bhrigu sutras.

From the above discussion, we can understand that the planets Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are dominating factors in his horoscope. We can confirm this when we look at the following important events in his life.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan started his career in 1909 as Assistant lecturer in Madras Presidency College. [Mercury sub period in Venus major period]

His book ‘Indian Philosophy’ published in 1923 received many laurels as the best book on classical philosophy. [Mercury sub period in Moon major period]

He was elected first Vice President of India in 1952. [Jupiter sub period in Jupiter major period]

Indian Government honored him by conferring ‘Bharata Ratna’ award in 1954. [Jupiter sub period in Jupiter major period]

He became the President of India in 1962. [Venus sub period in Jupiter major period]

He left his mortal body in April 1975. [Venus sub period in Saturn major period]

Every year, we are celebrating Teacher’s day on his birth day as a tribute to his service to the mankind.

Author: Mrs R Vijaya Lakshmi, M.A (Astrology).

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