How God communicates with us

This is a critical explanation of how the Universe came into existence and how God communicates with us through subtle cosmic energy. The concepts of pineal gland as a receiver of cosmic energy is discussed along with understanding the difference between paramatma and jeevatma. Dr R Nageswara Rao's experiences in spiritual communication and spiritual healing are also noteworthy. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
We know that there is a huge amount of matter in our Universe. This matter is existing in the form of five elements viz. fire, earth, air, water and sky. According to Big bang theory, the origin of this matter was a single point of source. There was a big explosion which scattered the matter into all directions. This matter has assumed the form of galaxies, stars, planets and asteroids.

No scientist knows about the state of the Universe before Big bang. Neither could it be imagined. But all scientists are of the opinion that there existed huge amount of energy. This energy is called supreme soul (paramatma) in our Vedic literature. Only 18% of this energy has transformed into material world that is existing around us. The other 82% of energy is still in our Universe in invisible form. So, we can imagine this Universe as a vast reservoir of cosmic energy.

When a human being is born, a small quantity of cosmic energy enters the mother’s womb. Then it creates the physical body limbs with the five elements: fire, earth, air, water and sky. In this way, small quantities of cosmic energy are needed in the creation of not only human beings but also animals, birds and plants. These small quantities of cosmic energy are called bodily soul (jeevatma).

Thus the origin of our physical bodies and souls in our bodies is the same. This is the reason all of our bodies are composed of same five elements: fire, earth, air, water and sky. Also, the same type of energy is driving our bodies. Every day and every minute, we are renewing our life force by inhaling it from the cosmic energy. This is the oneness in the Universe. Therefore, it is silly to hurt each other. When we are hurting any one, we should understand that we are hurting ourselves. The painful result of this action will be experienced by us in the subsequent births. Similarly when we kill and eat animals, in the next birth we are liable to become animals and eaten by others. In Sanskrit, the word for 'meat' is 'maamsah'. Here, 'maam' means 'me' and 'sah' means 'he'. The meaning is that 'he will eat me'. This is the reason Hindu tradition never advocates non-vegetarianism.

From the preceding discussion, we understood that the supreme soul has created this Universe including us. So, we usually call the supreme soul with different names: God, Father, Divine Mother etc. Since we are His children, God will always protect us like a mother protects her children.

God always communicates with us. He tells us what to do and what not to do. He will be there to help us when we are heading into troubles. He sends his messages via subtle signals. These signals are always received by the human beings through their pineal gland (sahasraara). We can imagine the pineal gland like a small antenna located in the crown part of our brain. When fine tuned, it can give us audio and video messages sent by God. Ordinary people do not know how to tune their antennas. Only yogis (sages) can receive and interpret those signals since they are able to tune their antennas to the cosmic messages.

When you involve in deep meditation (dhyana), you will be able to tune to those messages. You may listen to somebody speaking to you. Remember they are the voices of God in your understandable language. You may visualize someone appearing before you. They are nothing but images of God in your understandable form.

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Spiritual communication and spiritual healing

I would like to share one or two such experiences of mine with my enlightened readers. But I humbly proclaim that I do not have any divine powers. I am only a normal person like anyone else on this planet.

This happened in the year 2001. At that time, my first son was at about the age of 5 years. One day, I found him limping. I asked my wife ‘What has happened to him?’ She said ‘You are not paying attention about the things at home. 15 days ago, he got some blisters under his feet and now they became so painful that he is unable to walk’.

When I saw his feet, there were several small hard corns underneath each of his feet. I knew that there was no good treatment for corns. Even if the doctors remove them by surgery, they would appear again. So, I could not decide what to do.

How God communicates with us During the morning hours of that night, I had a dream. A girl of aged around 15 years has appeared before me. She was wearing a blouse and a long frock with a jari (of golden thread) border. Her face was not clear but her voice was very clear. She asked me, ‘What are you going to do about that boy?’ Then she stretched her hands where I saw a group of green balls with thorns. She told me ‘Take these things and make a paste. Then apply to his feet’. I was trying to understand what they were. She has shown me handful of them. I even observed 1 or 2 balls flopped out of her hands on to the floor. I got a doubt in my subconscious mind. How to paste them? Then I heard the sound of a mixer grinder used by my wife in her kitchen. The dream went off.

In the morning, I enquired about those green thorny balls. I came to know that they were called Ummetta in Telugu and ‘Datura fruit‘ in Biology. They are regarded as poisonous. When I told this to my wife, she found that plant at a nearby ground. But she could get only 3 of them. I asked her not to put them in mixer as they were harmful. She tried to crush them with a stone but finally decided to use her mixer. When the paste was applied to my son’s feet, all the corns disappeared in 3 days.

I was working as a Computer faculty at a Women’s Degree College during the year 2002. One day, upon entering the classroom, I found a girl sleeping on her desk keeping her head on her hands on the desk. When I asked the other students in the class, they told me that she was suffering from pain in her kidneys. The girl opened her eyes and told me that since her childhood, she was suffering from infection in kidneys and she could not get rid of it even though she was taking medical treatment from top doctors. The infection appears seasonally and once in 4 to 5 months. I asked the girl to take rest and continued my teaching.

The next day the girl was absent. I came to know that she was hospitalized for treatment. After a week, I had a dream where I found that girl standing opposite to me with her back turned towards me. I was pressing her spinal cord region with my hands from top to bottom. I was wearing white kurta and dhoti and having a white beard. I know that it was not me since I never have this type of appearance in real life.

After 2 days, the girl attended the class. She told me that she got temporary relief from her disease. I told her ‘By God’s grace, your disease has vanished completely and you will never suffer from it in your life time’. She could not believe in my words at that time and asked me ‘How come you know sir?’ I told her ‘God communicated with me’.

11 years passed (till 2013). The girl got married and became a mother of two children. When she met me recently, she told me that she has forgotten about kidney pain as it never recurred.

I draw the attention of my readers that in the case of my son, God has assumed the form of a Divine Mother. In the case of the college girl, God has shown himself as a sage. But in any case, His grace is boundless.

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