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An Astrologer is also a mind reader. According to Vedic astrology, the planet Moon is connected to mind and psychology. By observing the transit Moon position, an astrologer can easily tell you what is there in your mind and what is your question before you even open your mouth. All this is possible from a horary horoscope.

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‘Chandrama Manaso jaatah’ (Moon was born from the mind of God) – Yajur Veda.

It may sound unbelievable to you, but it is true that an Astrologer can tell you what is there in your mind before you open up your mouth! When you meet an Astrologer to know something, you will put in words what you got in your ‘mind’. In Astrology, planet ‘Moon’ is considered karaka (lord) of ‘mind’. Moon is the fastest of all planets just like human mind. Moon is very nearer to earth and hence her influence in terms of gravity and magnetism is more on human beings. This is the reason Vedic Astrology gives more importance to Moon than any other planet. By studying the transit Moon’s position and aspects of other planets on it at the time of appointment with the Astrologer, an Astrologer can easily tell what you intend to ask him. Remember, the Astrologer does not require any details from you. He can simply read your mind just by looking at the transit chart. This is also called horary chart.

Astrological Points to read the minds of others

By applying the following points, I tell my client exactly what he got in his mind at the moment of his meeting with me.

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Case I: A male came to me on 6-2-2005 at 12.30

In this transit chart, Moon is posited in 8th from the Ascendant. This represents some worry or tension in the mind of the client. Moon is aspected by 10th lord Saturn which represents that he wants to know about his job. Aspect of Rahu on Moon indicates some conspiracy against him in his work place. I told him that there was a problem in his job due to his collegues and he came to me to know about that. The presence of 12th lord Mars with Moon and aspect of 9th lord Saturn on Moon represent that he will change the present job soon and join a new one. This happened later.

Case II: A male came to me on 17-9-2003 at 17.45

In this chart, Moon is posited in 4th from the Ascendant. So, we can assume that the client wants to put a question about his vehicles, house or landed property. Moon in 4th aspected by Mars confirms that it is about something moving, i.e., a vehicle. Moon is hemmed between two malefics Rahu and Saturn indicating that his vehicle would have faced with an accident recently. This is confirmed by 4th lord Venus being located in 8th with his enemy Sun. He is in travel business and he agreed that his car met with an accident nearly 15 days before.

Case III: A female came to me on 3-4-2004 at 15.35

Here, Moon is in the Ascendant. So, the question is related to self. 7th lord Saturn is aspecting Moon which is posited in the place of Saturn’s enemy. It means that the lady’s husband is treating her as his enemy. What might be the reason? Moon is aspected by two more planets Rahu and Mars. Since they are malefics, they also play role in her agony. See who is there with these two planets. Mercury is with Rahu and Venus is with Mars. Mercury being the 8th lord from her 7th (place of husband) represents a second connection for her husband. Venus with Mars represents more sexual desire. So, before she asked me anything, I told her that her husband had sexual contact with a woman and that led to differences between her and her husband; and the purpose of her visit is to know about the result of this relation. She confirmed my reading.

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