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Now-a-days, there is heavy stress on our minds. Every day, we take bathe to clean our physical body. But we do not find time to clean our mind. This may lead to emotional imbalance and sometimes mental disorders like lunacy or insanity. Astrology can tell us which planets will really cause mental illness and what is the real reason behind such diseases. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
Human beings have two types of bodies. The first one is the visible physical body comprising dense material. This physical body needs good food and habits to survive for a long time. If the food is not good, it immediately affects the physical body in the form of a disease. The second one is invisible mental body which comprises of emotions and feelings. This mental body needs relaxation and good thoughts to survive. When the mind gets purified, it becomes soul (jeevaatma). When the soul gets purified, it transforms into the super soul (paramaatma). So, to realize the God within us, we should first purify our mind.

The process of purifying the mind is very difficult. Generally our mind gets contaminated by the six harmful elements (arishadvargas) like kaama (desire), krodha (anger), lobha (selfishness), moha (passion), madha (proudness) and matsarya (jealousy). When the mind is cleansed to get rid of these elements, it shines like Sun. Then we realize that we are not this mind, but we are the soul!

But, if we could not purify our mind, then the mind becomes restless with the arishadvargas which afflict the mind in the form of a disease. This is the main reason behind mental disorders or lunacy. Let us further clarify this. If a person suffers from mental disorders in this birth, it is an indication that he could not cleanse his mind in the previous birth and his uncontrolled mind still continues to waver in the imageries created by the arishadvargas.

Let us now discuss about the indicators of mental disorders in a horoscope. The main planets to be considered are: Moon, Mercury and Neptune. Moon is the significator of mind. Moon when afflicted makes the mind restless. The person will move very quickly from one place to another place. There will be flashes of scenes moving before his eyes so quickly that he cannot grasp any of them fully.

Mercury represents intelligence. When Mercury is afflicted, the person becomes of low intellect, dishonest, neurotic and pervert. The comprehensive power of mind will be lowered. Since Mercury is related to nerves system, it leads to epilepsy in some cases.

Neptune indicates psychological patterns like dreams, astral travel, clairvoyance and communicating with other souls. Afflicted Neptune will make the mind filled with negative thoughts. Such persons become slaves to soporific drugs, sedatives and liquors. Also, Neptune will make a person become a prey to spirits.

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Of course, the planets Moon, Mercury and Neptune when afflicted will bring mental ill health. But we can confirm the ill health only when the houses 6th, 8th or 12th are involved. The 6th house represents ill health, the 8th house represents suffering and the 12th house represents hospitals and death. So, the involvement of at least one of these houses is compulsory for the disease to manifest. In addition, the 1st house or Ascendant should also be considered. The first house represents the head part of the person in particular and his way of life in general.

The word ‘affliction’ is very important in the preceding paragraphs. Affliction represents energy coming from bad planets. In Western Astrology, the planets Saturn, Mars, Uranus and Neptune are considered bad. The harmful aspects like square, opposition and contraparallel from these planets cause severe problems. Even the conjunction and parallel with these planets will be harmful. For example, if Moon is in square aspect from Uranus, it is an indication of mental disorder of some form. To confirm this, we should see the 6th, 8th and 12th houses and their lords. Suppose Moon or Uranus is posited in these houses or owning these houses, then we can confirm the mental disorder.

Case I: A male born on Jun 16th, 1974 at 9.30 AM, at 16N15, 80E35

Western astrology mental disorder case This young man was born deaf and dumb. This was attributed to the lunar eclipse when he was in his mother’s womb. He demands money everyday from his mother who is a TV artist. He spends a lot of money for drinks. He is not interested in doing any job although he got some job opportunities. Sometimes he cries and walks out in the mid night. He exhibits fits of anger and sometimes beats his mother.

His Ascendant is Leo whose lord Sun is in square aspect from Jupiter from 8th house. This represents that he has love for money. Moreover, Saturn is in parallel to Sun. The planet Moon becomes 12th lord is squared by Mars and in opposition to Uranus. Neptune being 8th lord is in contraparallel with Mars. Generally afflictions from Mars and Uranus represent violent form of insanity. Afflicted Neptune brings interest in alcohols and drugs. Also, the planet Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn in 12th house, Saturn becoming 6th lord. This affliction to Mercury represents foolish actions brought by low intellect. Thus the planets Moon, Mercury and Neptune are afflicted. Also, the 6th, 8th and 12th houses have played their role in bringing mental disorder.

The worthwhile point in this horoscope is the conjunction of Saturn with Mercury. Mercury represents hearing and communication. Since Mercury is afflicted by Saturn, he became deaf and dumb. Also, Saturn in parallel to Sun represents head related problems as Sun is the Ascendant lord who represents the head of the person.

Case II: A female born on Sept 22nd, 1973 at 2.00 PM, at 11N24, 79E31

Western astrology mental disorder case This is the case of a young lady who got married during the year 1989. Insanity has been observed from the very night of wedding. She talks as if she is highly learned, runs here and there, and sometimes threatens to kill herself. Later, she gave birth to a still-born child.

The Ascendant falls in Capricorn whose lord Saturn is posited in Cancer. This position of Saturn in Cancer represents depression and melancholy. The Ascendant is in contraparallel with Saturn and squared by Uranus. Planet Moon is in square aspect from Mars and Venus and in opposition to Jupiter. Here, Jupiter being the 12th lord. Planet Mercury being 6th lord is in conjunction with Uranus. More over, 8th lord Sun is forming square with Saturn. Thus the planets Moon and Mercury are afflicted. The houses 1st, 6th, 8th and 12th are also involved.

For the people who are interested to do further research, below is the list of some more cases on mental disorders.

King George 4-6-1738 at 7.46 LMT, London.
John Ruskin 8-2-1819 at 7.30 LMT, London.
William Pitt 26-11-1708 at 8.00 LMT, at 30N0, 0W9, England.
Emperor Yoshito 31-8-1879 at 8.10 LMT, Tokyo.
A female 18-10-1970 at 18.02 at 11N34, 77E26, India.
A female 4-4-1976 at 16.57, Palghat, India.
A female 27-2-1958 at 6.52 EST, Philadelphia.

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