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Astrology is invaluable aid in determining the suitable profession for a person. This Western Sayana Astrology article helps in career counseling depending on the planets and their aspects. You can estimate the potentiality of your child to become a doctor or an engineer from his astrological horoscope. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
Career counseling is very important for students, before they take any decision regarding their career. When your child’s horoscope shows clear tendencies of becoming an engineer and you are persuading him to become a doctor, he will become neither. This danger can be avoided by taking the help of a competent Astrologer. In the following paragraphs, we discuss the core combinations in a horoscope which indicate the most opted professional courses: medicine and engineering.

Astrology combinations for medical profession

1. 6th house represents diseases. 8th house represents longevity and patient’s money. 12th house represents hospitals and expenditure. If these houses and their lords are related to the places of profession (10th house) and earnings (2nd house) and their lords, then we can suspect that the native is going to settle into a career related to pharmacy, medicine, veterinary science, food technology, biology, and nursing.

2. Ascendant posited in the signs Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces favor the medical (doctor) profession.

3. Mars is the planet for energy and blood in the body. Saturn is the causative planet for diseases and ill health. Uranus is a planet for sudden mishaps and surgical equipment. So, the planets Mars, Saturn, Uranus should be observed in the horoscopes of doctors.

4. Mars, Saturn and Uranus having connection with 8th house and its lord, and the signs Aries and Scorpio make the native a surgeon.

judging medical profession

CASE I: Female born on October 15th 1978 at 17.10 at Lugansk, Ukrain

The Ascendant of this native is in Aries whose lord Mars is in 8th house Scorpio. 2nd lord Venus is in 8th. 10th lord Saturn is in 6th. Saturn is in good aspect (sextile – 60 deg) to Uranus and Mars which are in 8th house. Thus there is a good connection between 10th , 6th and 2nd houses. 6th lord Mercury is also in the sign Scorpio. 12th lord Neptune is making good aspect (trine – 120 deg) to the Ascendant and Moon which is in the Ascendant. These factors made her to pursue MBBS and now she is a practicing doctor in UK.

CASE II: Female born on April 10th 1976 at 16.25 at Hyderabad, India

horoscope of doctor Here, the Ascendant is in Virgo which is the sign representing diseases. 12th lord Sun is posited in 8th house and on exact 8th house cusp. 8th lord Mars is posited in 10th house, since the 10th house (MC) extends from 21 deg Gemini to 21 deg Cancer. 6th lord Uranus is posited in the natural 8th house Scorpio and having good aspect (trine – 120 deg) with the 8th lord Mars. Lord of 2nd house Venus is posited in 8th sign Aries. These factors made the native to pursue MBBS and earn several professional degrees beyond MBBS.

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Astrology combinations for engineering profession

1. The planets Saturn, Mars and Uranus should be strong. These planets are called technical planets. Saturn promotes industry and is a planet for metals. Mars is a planet for heat, fire and electricity. Saturn and Mars represent machinery and mechanical devices. Uranus represents modern machinery like computers, electronic and electrical equipment. It is also a causative planet for telecommunications, railways and airlines.

2. The signs Capricorn, Aquarius and Scorpio favor engineering.

3. 10th house and the lord of 10th house represent the profession and social status of a person. 6th house and the lord of 6th house represent the job or service. 2nd house and the lord of 2nd represent the earnings of a person. When these houses and planets have connection with the planets and signs mentioned above, we can understand that the person will adopt engineering as his profession.

CASE III: Male born on Apr 3rd 1982 at 1.46 AM at Hyderabad, India

judging engineering profession In this case, the Ascendant falls in Capricorn which is natural 10th house in the zodiac. The 10th house (MC) is in Scorpio whose lord is Mars. This planet Mars is located with Saturn in the same sign. 10th lord Mars is also receiving a good aspect (sextile - 60 deg) with Uranus. Also Saturn is exalted in Libra and strong. These factors made him do Masters in engineering and he became a civil engineer. The 2nd lord Uranus is receiving a good aspect (trine – 120 deg) from the 6th lord Mercury. Again Uranus is forming good aspect (trine - 120 deg) to Sun and Moon. This represents a strong interest in engineering profession which guided the native to take up his studies in engineering and later becoming civil engineer.

CASE IV: Male born on Feb 22nd 1980 at 5.05 AM at Namakkal, India

horoscope of engineer The Ascendant falls in Aquarius whose lord Uranus is exalted in Scorpio. The 10th house (MC) is in Scorpio along with Uranus. This shows clear influence of Uranus on the career of this native. 10th lord Mars is with Saturn in the same sign. Uranus from 10th house is forming good aspect (sextile – 60 deg) with Saturn. These factors made him do Masters in engineering. He is working as Senior Engineer in telecommunications. Also, note the 6th lord Moon is making good aspect (trine - 120 deg) with Saturn. Also Mercury being the planet for communication, from 2nd house is making good aspect (trine – 120 deg) to MC and Uranus.

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