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Nameology or name science is the most popular science today that helps to set lucky name with maximum positive vibrations. While settig a lucky name according to Name numerology for any person, we should avoid karmic digits like 4 and 8. This article gives very good tips for understanding the inner meanings of the names and for selecting best and lucky names for any individual. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
Nameology represents science of names. While setting a name, we should carefully observe whether the name is carrying any karmic debts from past lives. Also, we should check any negative vibrations in the name which should be avoided. More often, people select stylish names for their children, forgetting these factors. In this article, I will share some of the very important tips which help you to set any name with maximum positive vibrations.

Avoid the karmic digits 4 and 8

Numerology identifies the digits 4 and 8 as carrying karmic debts from the past lives. 4 represents Rahu and 8 represents Saturn. For example, take the name: RAMA = 2+1+4+1 = 8. This number represents Saturn. Saturn gives troubles and delays any good things. This is the reason lord Rama was sent to the forest on the same day when he was about to sit on the throne. He faced a lot of trouble in the forest. Even though he was an emperor, he led a life of a saint, eating vegetables and sleeping on the floor. So, if a person has a name like ‘Rama Rao’, he is bound to face a lot of struggle in his life. Since the name ‘Rama Rao’ has two words and if we take the approximate longevity of the person to be 70 years, the first word RAMA = 8 will affect the person till his 35th year and the second word RAO = 10 = 1 will affect him from 36th year till his death. This is the reason, most of the people with the name ‘Rama Rao’, will face slow progress in their lives till their 35th year of age. I have seen a lot of people with this name who could not get proper settlement in job till 35th year. Even after their marriage, they led a normal life till 35th year. Once 35th is crossed, they are attaining progress.

You may think of why we are taking the name ‘Rama Rao’ in two parts instead of taking it as a single name. We should analyze each word of the name and also as a whole name. But the root word in this name is ‘Rama’ which should be given more importance.

What about ‘NT Rama Rao’ who served as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh? He was never called ‘Rama Rao’. He was always called with the initials as ‘NT Rama Rao’. This name is full of good vibrations and hence the bad vibrations of ‘Rama’ are mitigated to a maximum extent.

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Understand the inner meaning of the name

Let us take a name ‘Avinash’ which is stylish and trendy. What is the meaning of this name? This name itself contains ‘vinash’ which represents destruction. This person will face a lot of troubles in his life. He may or may not be able to win over them depending on the planetary positions in his horoscope. But the point to be noted is that he will have troubles waiting for him one by one. He will feel life as a battle without peace and happiness. So, it is better to avoid such names like Avinash, Akrur, Kurup etc.

Observe what ancient scriptures indicate

It is written in Ramayan that Lord Rama’s wife ‘Sita’ too faced a lot of troubles. She was separated from her husband and put to great trials by demons. Even she had to enter fire to prove her piety. Sita was born to earth. So, she is called ‘Dharanija’. Earth represents patience. Wherever, this name involves, it requires a lot of patience on the part of the person. So, the earth related names like Dharani, Bhoomi, Prudhvi, Vasundhara, etc should be avoided. Similarly the names Sita and Janaki should be given less preference.

Always avoid palindromes in the name

A palindrome is a name which when reversed will be the same name. For example, ‘liril’ is a palindrome. If we read it from left to right or right to left, it is same. Such names indicate cancellation of any progress. The person may find improvement in his life for some period of time and then goes back to initial state by losing whatever he earned. Let us remember the case of ‘Satyam’ which is one of the world’s top level software development companies. The doomsday of Satyam started when another company with the name ‘Maytas’ started. Ironically, Maytas was started by Satyam. If Satyam people have taken the help of a Numerologist, they would have avoided a big catastrophe. So, it is better to avoid the names like ‘KVVK Murty’. Here observe the palindrome ‘KVVK’.

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Avoid the names of rivers and mountains

According to Vedas, rivers wash out our sins. It means they take our impurities. So, the names Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri etc. indicate sufferings received from others. Hence such names should be avoided. There are exceptions given to certain rivers but it is always safe to avoid such names.

Mountains represent pridhvi tatwa. This means, they represent stubborn nature and too much indulgence in worldly affairs. So, names like ‘Vindhya’ should be avoided.

Avoid the names of certain plants and herbs

It is customary in India to keep Tulasi (holy basil) plant in the house and worship it with reverence. This plant has several medicinal properties and healing powers. Motivated by this, some Indian baby girls are given the name ‘Tulasi’. Since Tulasi heals others, it attracts their bad karmic debts also. So, the name ‘Tulasi’ indicates a life filled with severe troubles.

Never call children with nick names

In all most all countries, nick names are used for the children. They are called with nick names and this will continue even after they become adults. In the office, the person is called using his original name and at home and by friends he is called by his nick name.

In India, people set good names for their children based on their horoscope or Numerology. But most of the time, they call them using their nick names. Since nick name is also a name, we can say that the same person is having two names simultaneously. The original name may be related to one planet, say Sun. The nick name may be related to another planet, say of Saturn. Since these two planets work in two different directions on the child, there will not be expected progress.

So, it is advisable to avoid nick names like Bujji, Babji, Nani, Chinna, Bunty, Chitti, Pinky etc.

Avoid too lengthy names

I have seen many people in India holding a very lengthy name as a result of combining several deities’ names along with their grand parent’s names and forefather’s names. This is absolutely wrong and should be avoided.

Remember, the names mentioned in Vedic literature are all one word names. For example, Rama, Krishna, Balarama, Ganesh, Siva, Vishnu, Brahma, Lakshmi, Paarvathy, Saraswathi, Kashyapa, Vyaasa, Arjuna, Karna, Droupadi, etc. One word or two word names will extend their full power to the person. If the name is of more than two words, then its power will be dissolved and the person cannot derive any benefit out of it.

By following the above tips, you can avoid a lot of bad vibrations that hamper your progress.

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