Face reading or physiognomy is like a horoscope to understand qualities of a person. We can classify the face of a person according to one of the 7 planets in Astrology. The seven types of faces are sun face, moon face, mars face, jupiter face, mercury face, venus face and saturn face. We will study celebrity faces like those of Abraham Lincoln, Cine Actress Rekha, Ratan Tata and Shobha Naidu. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
In the horoscope of a person, the most influencing planet will shape the body and face of the person. Since face is the mirror of the personís inner feelings, the planet will clearly show up in the face of the person. By knowing the face type, we can understand the important qualities of a person and how the person reacts in certain situations. The person when knowing about himself/herself can have an idea regarding his/her strengths and weaknesses and can learn how to use those qualities to achieve success in the life. This will improve his/her professional life and personal life to the maximum extent. This is of course what is expected from a Face Reader.

Sun Face

Face reading of Chauncey Depew, US Senator How to read: If Sun is most influencing in the horoscope, the person will have round shaped face with bald head and eye troubles. He/she will have strong bones, wide shoulders, reddish complexion and will be of short to medium height.

Where to find: We find Sun faces working in Government offices or if they work in a private company, they will be in an executive position. We see most of the Sun faces in Politics and Government offices.

Their qualities: Sun faces always want to be in an authoritative position. They do not want to be subordinates to any one. They yield easily to praise. They pardon othersí mistakes if others kneel down before them. On the negative side, they are boastful, lazy and want to earn money by illegal manipulations.

Moon Face

Face reading of Adolphe Thiers, Politician How to read: If the planet Moon is most prominent, the personís entire body will be of fatty nature and round shaped. The face will be full and round. There will be wide gap between the two eyes. The stomach will be very much round. The cheeks will be full and there will be usually double chin. The nose will be short. The skin will of pale color. In some cases, we see bald head. He/she bears medium height.

Where to find: We see most of the Moon faces involving in business or individual professions like doctors, restaurant owners, vegetable vendors and travel agents. Some of them show interest in Politics and become politicians.

Their qualities: Such people are domestic and much attached to home and parents. They take pride in their family history. They like good food and drinks. They can become better cooks. They are fond of traveling. Since they love water, most of them own houses at the banks of rivers or ponds. On the negative side, they become over-imaginative which leads to impractical nature. They change their moods and decisions very often. Most of them maintain a second lover/wife.

Mars Face

Face reading of Rekha, Cine Actress How to read: There are two types of Mars faces. The positive Mars face belongs to a person who will have a muscular body, thick eyebrows and sharp sight. They bear medium height. Generally there would be a scar or cut on the head portion. If we keenly observe we can find out that the head is broad at temples and becoming narrow at the chin, thus the face gives a triangular appearance. However, the area at the chin will be slightly triangular and in most cases it shows up as rounded or square shaped.

Their qualities: Positive Mars faces are endowed with physical strength and courage. They are quick and action-oriented. They get into action without wasting time in brooding. It is highly difficult to satisfy these peopleís sexual needs.

On the other hand, negative Mars faces can be found by their clear triangular formation towards chin region. In this case, the forehead will be generally short. It means the gap between the hair line and the eyebrows will be short. The body and the face will be thin. There will be a scar or mark of a wound present on the head.

Their qualities: Negative Mars face represents a person with anger and headstrong nature. They are impulsive and take decisions without adequate thinking. They express their opinion very strongly to the extent of hurting others. This will spoil their married life. Suicidal tendencies show up when they are in bad mood. They do not hesitate to kill others upon slightest provocation. Often we see criminals in this category.

Where to find: We see both positive and negative Mars faces mostly in the Police or Defense Departments, Sports people, Body builders and Fighters.

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Mercury Face

Face reading of Ratan Tata, Business Tycoon How to read: When Mercury is strong in the horoscope, the person looks young and playful. He/she will have upright rectangular face, generally with long nose and chin. He/ she will be of short height. The person walks briskly and he/she will be fond of short journeys.

Where to find: We find Mercury faces in all types of businesses. They take lead in the areas where communication is important. Such people are seen in Mass media, Publishing, Teaching, Writing, ad-agencies, and in some cases as business advisors.

Their qualities: Such persons are mentally active and hence most suitable for mental work. They are endowed with strong memory and good communication. They will have two different personalities in them but only one is exhibited to the world and the other one is hidden always. On the negative side, they become cunning and tell lies. They can analyze any situation very well but when coming to their own they cannot come to any conclusion.

Jupiter Face

Face reading of Justice Srikrishna How to read: Jupiter planet influence makes the person to appear tall and stout. Such a person possess broad forehead, clear curved lines separating the nose and cheeks and inclination to baldness near the temples. The face will be generally of square or rectangular type.

Where to find: Jupiter faces are highly diplomatic and hence we find them as advisors and lobbyists to Government. They excel as Political leaders, Judges, top level business magnets and religious gurus.

Their qualities: They are best leaders and diplomats. Their statements and decisions always influence large crowds of people. They try to preserve the culture, law and religion of the land. On the negative side, they try to get name, power and money out of othersí work. Some of them involve into big scams.

Venus Face

Physiognomy of Shobha Naidu, Dancer How to read: When Venus is the influencing planet, the person will have attractive face and body. The face glows and the eyes radiate beams of light. The eyes appear to be full and prominent. The region below the eyes will be shiny and full. The person will be of medium height, with curly lustrous hair and good skin tone.

Where to find: Venus faces are found where artistic activity is involved. They are sociable and crave for appreciation from others. Hence we find most of the actors, artists, and some business people come into this category.

Their qualities: They are highly attractive with a rich and royal look. They are fond of friends, pleasures and luxury. They love beauty, fine surroundings, cloths, ornaments and decorations. Coming to negative qualities, they change their opinion in love and are not reliable in love matters. Most of them involve into multiple sexual attachments and hence will have loose morals.

Saturn Face

Physiognomy of Ivan, the Czar of Russia How to read: If Saturn is the prominent planet in the horoscope, the person looks tall and lean with bony appearance. The face will be upright rectangular with thin and bony appearance. The cheeks go inside. He/she will have deep set eyes and thin neck. The nose will be prominent, thin and protrudes down. The face looks cruel and gives an impression of melancholic nature.

Where to find: Saturn faces are seen in Labor Unions, Health Departments, hard laborers like Rickshaw pullers, farmers and people who involve in low category jobs.

Their qualities: They are serious about the work and disciplined in the office. They do any work with much patience, tenacity and they make deeper study of any issue. Such people like to be alone avoiding the people around them. The negative qualities are that these people see life from dark side. They do not make friendship easily. They feel that there must be strict and strong punishments to even small mistakes.

Mixed Types

Face reading of Abraham Lincoln, US President It is rare to find the pure type of faces, since other planets modify the influence of the main planet considerably. Hence most of the times, the main planet becomes obscure in the face of the person and the Face Reader will end up with wrong analysis.

Let us take the case of Abraham Lincoln, the renowned President of USA. The face of Lincoln is upright rectangular with its bony appearance denoting the planet Saturn. The fact that he was born in an uneducated peasant family and raised from penury is enough to understand the Saturnís effect. Also, Saturnís bad effect is responsible for losing his children. He fought against slavery in America which indicates again Saturnís influence. The deep set eyes and firm lips are marks of Saturn.

Apart from Saturn, the rectangular face also indicates the planet Mercury. Abraham Lincolnís long straight nose confirms this. He is a great orator and worked as a Postman and as a Lawyer. Mercury gives him excellent mental acumen.

His forehead is wide. The cheek lines from the nose to the chin are prominent. This is a mark of the planet Jupiter. This planet is responsible for his religious nature, diplomacy and exceptional leadership qualities.

Thus, we see three planets: Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter influenced the entire life of Abraham Lincoln and we can attribute all the major events in his life to these three planets.

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