sins and sufferings

People get happiness or sufferings according to the good or bad deeds done by them in their past births. There is connection between their sins and their sufferings according to Vedic spirituality. Please read on to see the list of sins along with their effects and sufferings. Finally we will discuss the remedies to remove bad karma or effects of sins. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
Often we hear people saying "I did not commit any bad deeds, but still Iam suffering from so and so disease, why this happened to me? God is merciless."

First thing we should understand is that there is no connection between your actions and God. If you are virtuous, you will enjoy riches and happiness in life. If you commit sins, you will get suffering and disease. All that is important is your actions (karma). And your karma may affect you either in this birth or in the next birth, it doesn't matter, but it affects you definitely.

The actions (karma), people do is binding the people to experience the effects. Let us take an example. A person is intensely in love with his pet dog. One day, the dog died suddenly, and he could not forget it for years together. As a result, he will take birth as a dog in the next birth and enjoys the company of the same dog which again takes birth. So, if X killed Y, then in the next birth, Y is forced to kill X. In this way, because of their karma, people are taking birth after birth. They do some karma in one birth and to experience its effects, they take the next birth. This is a cyclic process and there is no way to come out of the chain. Only an enlightened person can brake this chain.

So, be enlightened. Iam providing description of some sins along with their effects. If you are a victim of some suffering given in the list, you did the indicated sin in your previous birth. If you do any of these sins now, you aught to experience the suffering in your next birth.

Remedies to escape from bad karmas

Poorva janmaarjitam paapam vyaadhi roopena baadhate |
Tachhantihi Oushadhairdhaanaih japahoma kriyaadibhihi ||

The results of previous deeds (karma) will manifest into diseases. To alleviate them, we should use medicines, offer donations, recite mantras, and worship deities etc.,

And this is not just enough. You should stop commiting sins.

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