Horary Astrology answers questions depending on the time of the query. The Tajaka system of astrology developed by Greeks can be combined with Vedic horary astrology to know the future destiny of a person. Please read on to know more about the Tajaka yogas like Ithashala yoga, tajaka Ishraf yoga and Mushrif yoga in Horary Tajaka system.

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Horary Astrology is useful to answer specific queries depending on the time of the query. An Astrologer should draw horary chart depending on the time of the query and follow Parasara rules in answering the queries. Along with normal Parasara rules followed by Vedic Astrologers, it is possible to arrive at better accuracy, if ‘Tajaka’ system is also integrated. It is said that ‘Tajaka’ system of Astrology has been given by ancient Greeks.

Tajaka aspects

According to Tajaka system, there will be good or bad aspects between the planets according to their placement in the horary chart.

When two planets are in the houses 3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th from each other, we can say that they are in friendly aspect. Then the planets will be cooperative to achieve success. For example, a planet is in Taurus and another one is in Virgo. From Taurus, the sign Virgo is 5th one. So the answer for the query will be positive. It means the event will happen in a smooth way and with less effort.

When two planets are in the houses 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th from each other, then they are in bad aspect. In this case, the event may still happen, but after a lot of struggle and repeated trials only.

When two planets are in 2nd , 6th, 8th and 12th houses, then no aspect is formed between those planets. In this case, the event will not happen or there will be failure and losses.

Tajaka yogas

There are two important Tajaka combinations (yogas) which are used in horary astrology to answer the queries accurately. The Ascendant lord and the significator of the query are to be examined to understand these yogas.

1. In the Ascendant lord and significator, we should find out which planet is fast moving planet and which one is slowly moving planet. If the fast moving planet is behind the slow planet, then the event will take place. For example, the question is related to marriage. In the horary chart, the Ascendant is in Cancer and the 7th house (marriage) is Capricorn. So, the Ascendant lord is Moon and the 7th house lord is Saturn which becomes the significator. Suppose, in the horary chart, Moon is behind Saturn. Since Moon is fast moving planet, it will catch up the Saturn soon. So, marriage will happen that year. This is called ‘Ithashala yoga’.

2. On the other hand, if the slow planet is behind the fast planet, then the event will not take place since the slow planet cannot catch up the fast planet. So, we can say that the event will not take place in the next one year. This is called ‘Ishraf yoga or Mushrif yoga’.

Before observing these yogas, we should assess whether there is any aspect between the Ascendant lord and the significator. If there are good aspects (3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th) between the Ascendant lord and significator, then the event will happen with less effort. If there are bad aspects (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) then the event will happen after a lot of struggle. If there is no aspect between the planets, then there is no way for the event to take place.

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Apart from these Tajaka yogas, there is another important factor which is the 11th house and its lord. Since 11th house is considered the house of profits and success, a good relation between its lord and the Ascendant lord will give success. For example, a querent wants to know whether he is going to get the job or not. In the horary chart, suppose the Ascendant lord is Venus, and the 10th lord is Saturn. When counted from Venus, Saturn is in 4th house. So, there is a bad aspect between Venus and Saturn which represents some obstacles and struggle. But 11th house lord is Jupiter who is in 5th from Venus. So, there is good aspect between Venus and Jupiter. This is an indication of fulfillment of objective. So, the querent will definitely get the job, but only after making some trials.

Case I

A person visited me on July 8th, 2003 at 6.15 PM, Hyderabad. He wanted to know whether he can go abroad or not. Since he did not have date of birth, time etc. details, it was not possible for me to erect his natal chart. So, I have decided to answer the query with the help of horary astrology.

vedic horary astrology case In the horary chart, the Ascendant is in Sagittarius which is 9th sign in the natural zodiac which represents foreign country. Ascendant lord is Jupiter, posited in 8th house, a house of obstacles. But Jupiter is exalted and hence powerful. To judge foreign journey, we should consider lords of 9th and 12th houses from the Ascendant. Here, the 9th lord is Sun and 12th lord is Mars. Mars is forming 5th aspect to Sun and 6th aspect to Jupiter. Also, Mars is fast moving planet which is behind Jupiter which is slow planet. So, Mars can join Jupiter soon. It indicates that the person can go abroad that year, but after a lot of struggle and trials. More over, Sun is with Saturn. Since Saturn indicates delay, there would be at least one or two trials which fail. Saturn is being 2nd and 3rd house lord, representing speech and communication who joined with 10th lord Mercury who is natural lord of communication representing the job or profession. These factors indicate that the person will go abroad on account of a job which involves communication like sales, teaching, writing or mass media.

There are 6 signs when counted from Mars to Jupiter. Since Saturn will make delay, these signs represent months. So, I predicted that the person will go abroad on job within 6 months from that date.

The person visited me again during December 2003, and informed me that he was selected as a teacher by African Government and was going to leave by the end of December. He told me that he was unsuccessful in the first attempt in the interview with the foreign delegates but somehow he managed the manager of the consultancy company to arrange the interview the second time. The manager had arranged the interview after a fortnight and he was able to fare well.

Case II

On November 21st, 2005, at 10.55 AM, Hyderabad, I received a phone call from a college going girl. She was in tension and wanted to know about her friend. She said that her friend was missing for the past 3 days. Her friend’s parents contacted this girl saying that their daughter did not come back from the college.

vedic horary astrology case I have drawn horary chart for the time and place immediately. The Ascendant Capricorn represents the girl (querent) who was inquiring about her friend. The Ascendant lord Saturn is in 7th house with Moon, representing the mental tension of the girl.

Since the query is related to her friend, the 11th house lord Mars becomes the significator. Mars posited in 4th house and in retrogression. It represents that her friend was in a house. 11th house is occupied by 8th lord Sun representing that her friend is in some trouble. Also, the 11th house is aspected by Rahu representing a thief stealing some thing. More over, Saturn and Mars had mutual aspects. So, I announced that her friend was kidnapped and was kept in a house.

Now I should tell whether her friend comes back or not. The aspects between Mars and Saturn represent police. So, I said there would be involvement of police in this case. She said that her friend’s parents had lodged a compliant with the police.

There are two factors in this chart which are favorable. The significator Mars is aspected by Jupiter and Mars posited in its own place representing enough strength. So, I predicted that her friend would definitely come back.

The next step is to assess how many days or months it will take for her friend to come home. Here Ascendant lord is Saturn and significator is Mars. But Mars is retrograde representing meeting with Saturn by its backward motion. The number of signs between Mars and Saturn are ten. So, I predicted that her friend would come back in another 10 days. After 2 days from my prediction, the kidnappers made a phone call to her friend’s parents and demanded a ransom of Rs. 5,00,000. The police had taken up the investigation and finally traced the kidnappers within a week. Thus the girl had joined her parents on the 9th day.

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