Physiognomy or Gandhiji face reading

We will use Physiognomy or face reading to analyze the face of Mahatma Gandhi who is known as Father of the Nation. We will read the lines on his forehead, chin, nose, ears, eyes and eye brows. We will analyze all the features of MK Gandhi's face from the perspective of Physiognomy or body language. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869 – 1948) is a great person from India who inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world by his adherence to the principles of Truth and Non-violence. He is famous as ‘Mahatma’ (Great soul) as he strived hard to achieve the mission of his life to uplift the poor and downtrodden people and spread the message of love and equality. His principles shook the British Empire and made them kneel before him and his face moved millions of crowds to fight for freedom.

Let us read the face of Mahatma and analyze the features from the perspective of Physiognomy.

Gandhiji's face as a whole

The face is prominent with all the features of the face clearly standing out. It represents a person who loves society and has a clear understanding of his mission on this earth. This is a convex face which represents a person who does not talk theories but shows every thing in practice.

Flexible face with wrinkles

Gandhiji's face is mobile and flexible with wrinkles on the surface. This represents adaptability and versatility.

Wide forehead with 4 lines on it

Gandhiji is intellectual and educated. The first line represents Jupiter influence which gives leadership qualities and makes him philosophical. Since this line is half formed, Gandhiji would face strong obstacles in his freedom movement. This line also makes him travel overseas. The second line represents Mars which gives him strong determination and tenacity. The third line represents Sun and involves him into Politics. The fourth line belongs to Venus which represents love towards his fellow people. This line is responsible for Gandhiji's experiments with opposite sex in gaining victory over sexual urge.

Elongated head

Gandhiji’s head is sloping up and there is much distance from the ears to the top point (crown) of the head. This represents moral capacity. He will never deviate from the path of Dharma.

Thick and long eye brows

They represent Gandhiji’s physical and mental dash.

Wide eyes with fleshy bottom lids

His eyes represent his spiritual nature. The bottom eye lids are fleshy which represent a person who gives more love than what he receives from others.

Big and erected ears

Gandhiji's ears are exceptionally large. They represent a leader with high confidence level. The erected ears protrude out from the head representing a person who solely depends on his inner will rather than the muscle power. This indicates that the person has an active soul and psychic communication with higher worlds.

Ears wide on top

The ears which are wide on the top and with wider inner circles represent a person who excels in any one field of his choice. He does not stop unless his mission is accomplished.

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Prominent nose

Large and wide nose indicates strength of character. The person easily makes his mark in the crowd. It also indicates a born leader.

Rich temples

The regions below the eyes are called temples. Gandhiji has good and shiny temples which represent love, his love towards mankind.

Thin and long lips

They represent that he is knowledgeable and recites Holy Scriptures. The lips are stooping downward at the corners indicating his vast experience that will help him to understand and respond to his fellow beings better.

Strong and protruding chin

The chin is strong and rounded. This gives better longevity. It triggers his determination to accomplish his mission.

Low set region at the sides of forehead

This is called region of Tune. Depression at this region represents a person who cannot become a painter or musician. It represents lack of skills in colors and music.

High set region just before the crown of head

This is called region of Benevolence. This region is highly developed, representing Gandhiji’s magnanimity, sympathy and generosity to do good to the society without expecting anything in return.

High set region at the crown of head

This is called region of Veneration. It represents a respect of God, virtue and law. Since this region is well developed, we can say that Gandhiji is religious and loves Truth.

High set region above the eye brows

This is called region of Spirituality. A bump in this region represents an elevated soul and hence no surprise Gandhiji is called ‘Mahatma’ (Great Soul).

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