[Western Sayana System]

Today, we cannot imagine the world without computers. All most all countries now-a-days are doing a lot of advancement with computers. The productivity of most of the companies is increased by the use of computers. This is the magic of the planet Uranus. See how Western astrology clearly links Uranus planet with computer technology and computer professionals.

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In Western Astrology, much importance is given to the planet Uranus as causative planet (karaka) for computers, aviation, railways, petroleum products, electronics and electrical equipment, television, telepathy, explosives, bombs, nuclear weapons and any modern engineering devices.

In the forthcoming discussion, we have taken the orb of Uranus as 8 degrees. Thus a sextile aspect (60 deg) will be effective from 52 deg to 68 deg. Similarly, a trine aspect (120 deg) will have effective range from 112 deg to 128 deg. These two are auspicious aspects.

Dark period for computer professionals

Uranus was transiting its own house (Aquarius) during April 1995 till December 2003. So during this time, people would be more interested in computers and many countries started education and research in computers. In January 2008, Uranus in Pisces entered into opposition with Saturn in Virgo which mars the prospects of Uranus related fields. This is the reason, doldrums started in the field of computers and the dreams of many computer companies shattered. Computer firms started laying off their staff. By November 2008, Uranus and Saturn are in exact opposition. So, this problem is still continuing. By June 2010, Uranus shifts into Aries and the evil effect of Saturn is mitigated to the maximum extent. Jupiter is going to conjunct Uranus. This will revive the computer field to its normal course. But computer professionals should not expect the earlier ‘high boom’.

Who gets into computer profession?

The 6th house from the Ascendant represents the service and industry. The 10th house represents the job or profession chosen by the person to gain social status. If Uranus got relation with these houses, then it is better to settle down as an employee or an employer or a faculty in a computers firm. It represents that Uranus in the houses 6th or 10th or conjunct with the lords of houses 6th or 10th or having good aspects with lords of 6th or 10th houses indicate a profession in computers.

In the natural zodiac, the sign Virgo is the 6th house representing the service and its lord is Mercury. Similarly, the sign Capricorn becomes the 10th house representing the profession and its lord is Saturn. So, Uranus in relation to the signs: Virgo, Capricorn and the planets: Mercury, Saturn will also indicate a job or career in computers.

Since 5th and 9th houses represent the education and studies of a person, if Uranus gets connection with 5th house and 9th house or with their lords, the person will study computers as his main subject.

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CASE I: A male born on Jan 11, 1974 at 2.14 am at Tirupathi, India

uranus and computer profession His Ascendant is Scorpio. The 10th house cusp falls in Leo where Moon is posited. Uranus is in sextile with this Moon. So, Uranus creates interest in the mind to choose computers as his profession. Since Moon is in 10th house, Uranus is influencing the 10th house (profession) of the person. Also, natural 10th house lord Saturn is in trine with Uranus. This confirms a profession connected with computers. This person joined as a software engineer at a Multinational company during Jan 2004.

CASE II: A male born on Dec 31, 1977 at 10.40 pm at Jaipur, India

uranus and computer profession His Ascendant is Virgo. In this horoscope, Uranus is exalted in Scorpio. Uranus is in sextile with Sun, Moon and the Ascendant. This represents complete influence of Uranus on the native’s mind, body and soul. Please note that Sun is in natural 10th house and the Ascendant and Moon are in natural 6th house. So, Uranus is influencing the 10th and 6th houses. These factors influenced him to become a Software consultant.

In this horoscope note that 9th lord Venus is in 5th with Sun who is 12th lord (foreign) and in good aspect from Uranus. So, this person has gone to a foreign country (USA) for doing MS in computers. Thus Uranus influenced his studies.

CASE III: A male born on Nov 18, 1968 at 9.05 pm at Jamnagar, India

uranus and computer profession His Ascendant falls in Cancer. Note that Uranus is in conjunction with 6th lord Jupiter and 10th lord Mars. This is an infallible testimony to become a computer professional.

Note that his 5th house is Scorpio whose lord Mars is with Uranus. 9th house is Pisces whose lords are Jupiter and Neptune. Again Jupiter is with Uranus. So, he has done several courses in computers. Since 5th lord Mars is in Libra which is a sign of courts and legal affairs, he has done a degree in law also.

CASE IV: A male born on Jul 21, 1961 at 9.42 pm at Udipi, India

uranus and computer profession His Ascendant falls in Pisces. Uranus is posited in 6th house having a trine aspect with 10th house cusp. He is a project manager in a software development company.

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