An Astrologer is different from a Pujari or priest. Astrologer's profession is very noble in that an Astrologer tries to help you to understand about yourself and your future and guides you to come out of troubles in your life. An astrologer or daivajna should have skill in Triskandhas, Siddantha, Samhitha and Hora. Let us see what qualities of a real astrologer and of a client or querent.

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In present times, there is a lot of admiration towards Astrology in India. Astrologers are daily appearing on TVs. The viewers make a phone call and the Astrologers give predictions in a minute. Even some Astrologers are offering mantras on TVs as remedies for the viewers!

Of course, if you pause and think a while, you will understand that all this is non-sense. To pronounce a verdict on any issue, the Astrologer should normally go through more than 3000 combinations of planetary positions and aspects in any horoscope. If the Astrologer is very quick and can analyze 1 combination per second, he needs almost 1 hour to tell his client what is going to happen. So, now you understand what the Astrologers are doing on the TV programs.

I have given a couple of seminars in prestigious Universities at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, condemning this type of Astrology business on TVs and mass media when many of the so-called TV Astrologers were present on the dais. The gist is this: no body knows who is an Astrologer! Remember, a person giving mantras is not an Astrologer, he is a mantrik. Similarly let us understand that a person who worships in a temple is not an Astrologer, but a pujari (priest). The so-called gurus are not Astrologers, they are preachers. What I observed is that most of the people instead of contacting an Astrologer are ending up contacting a mantrik or a tantrik or a guru or a pujari. Some people are turning to TVs to find out solutions for their problems. Please note that it is always better to consult a real Astrologer in person, not on TV or newspaper.

Then the question arises: How can I know who is a real Astrologer? In this article, I will give you the qualities of a real Astrologer as advocated by our ancient scriptures. Also, for the clients, it is important to know how to behave with an Astrologer.

Qualities of a real astrologer

Vutthaayoshasi devataam hrudi nijaam dhyaatvaa vapussodhanam
Krithvaa snaana purassaram salila nikshepaadi karmaakhilam
Krithvaa mantra japaadhikamcha vidhivath panchaanga veekshaam thathaa
Khetaanaam gananamcha daivavidhatha swasthaantharaathmaa bhaveth |
An Astrologer should get up before Sunrise and perform daily rituals like cleaning his body by taking bath, offering prayers to deities, offering water to Sun god, reciting mantras, etc. Then he should look into the almanac and perform calculations of planets with a peaceful mind.

Ganiteshu praveenoyaha sabda sastre krutasramaha
Nyaayavidh buddhimaan desa dikkaalajno jitendriyaha |
An Astrologer should be well versed in calculations, should have done commendable work in acoustics, justifiable, wise, should have knowledge in direction, space and time and should have control over his senses.

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Triskandhajno darshaneeyah sroutha smaartha kriyaaparaha
Nirdaambhikah satyavaadhee daivajno daivavit sthiraha |
An Astrologer should have complete knowledge in Triskandhas, i.e, Siddantha, Samhitha and Hora. He should have known the rituals prescribed by Holy Scriptures. He should never be proud and should talk only truth.

Adveshee nitya santoshee ganithaagama paaragaha
Muhoorta guna doshajno vagmee kusala budhimaan |
An Astrologer should not be jealous, should always be contented, good at mathematics, knows good and bad in muhoortas (electional astrology), good at communication and should be a sharp intellect.

Krutshnaam gopaanga kusalam hora ganitha naishtikam
Yo na poojayathe raajaa sa naasa mupagachchathi |
A king will bring his own destruction if he does not respect the Astrologer who is knowledgeable in Astrology theory and calculations.

Qualities of a Client or querent

Tasmaadhraajnaadhi gantavyo vidvaan saamvatsaro agranee
Jayam yasaha sriyam bhogaan sreyachcha samabheepsitaa |
A king who wants victory, fame, wealth, luxuries and prosperity should contact an eminent Astrologer.

Naasaamvatsarike dese vastavyam bhoothi michchathaa
Chakshurbhootohi yatraisha paapam tathra na vidyathe |
Never live in a country where you cannot find any well-wishers and astrologers. There will not be any troubles if Astrologers who can provide good guidance are available.

Kahakaavesa pihitha karnopasruthi hethubhihi
Kruthaadeso na sarvathra prashtavyo na sadaivavith |
People who give predictions using some form of magic, black magic, worship of low level gods should never be consulted since they are not Astrologers.

Sampatyaa yojithaadesa sthadvichinna kathaapriyaha
Matthaha saastraika desena tyaajyastaa drugmahmeekshitaa |
A king should always avoid an Astrologer who is greedy about money, who takes interest in starting quarrels between others, who is half-learned and is boastful.

Naaprushtaha kasyachid brooyaannaanyaayenacha pruchchathaha
Paramaartha phalam jnaanam yatho naiveha sidhyathi |
Prediction should not be given to a person, who does not ask for it. Questions intended to test the Astrologer should not be answered. If answered, the predictions will fail.

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