foreign travel astrology

As per Astrology, it is possible to know whether a person can go abroad or not. Also, we can predict how long the person will be there and whether he will be fortunate in the foreign country or not. Vedic Astrology gives planetary configurations to find out whether a person has permanent settlement in the foreign land or not.

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With the advent of Internet, people all over the world started communicating with each other, sharing their views and knowledge. People living in different parts of the world are coming together irrespective of their nationality, colour, creed and religion. A feeling of oneness is prevailing. So, in these times, it is very common for people to move from one country to another on account of education, business or employment.

When a person makes a long journey to go abroad, it would bring some significant changes either for good or bad since he is placing himself in a new environment surrounded by unfamiliar faces. An Astrologer can easily find out this significant event in the horoscope of a person.

When a person is leaving his mother land, he is losing relationship with his own country either temporarily or permanently. In addition, he is going to get a new relationship with a new country. In Astrology, 4th house from the Ascendant represents the birth place and birth country of the native. 9th house represents a foreign country. When the 4th house is strong, the person will prosper in his native country. When the 9th house is strong, he will achieve growth in a foreign country. The word ‘strong’ indicates that the lord of the house is posited in its own house or its exaltation and also in good aspect from other planets. For example, if 4th lord is in 4th house, then the native is advised to stay in the native country and nearer to his birth place.

When 4th house is in bad aspect from other planets or if lord of 4th house is placed in dustanaas like 6th, 8th and 12th houses, the native cannot see much progress in his birth place. Therefore, the advice is to stay away from his birth place. When 9th house is strong, he will find his success in a foreign country.

Apart from 4th and 9th houses, we should also consider 12th house which represents house of losses. When the lord of the Ascendant (self) is posited in 12th house, the native is losing himself. It means he is entering a new environment like a foreign country. Similarly, when the lord of the 4th house (birth place) is posited in 12th house, it is an indication that the native will leave his birth place.

The planet Jupiter should be given highest priority to decide foreign travel. The reason is Jupiter is the lord of natural 9th and 12th houses. Also, Rahu and Kethu play important role in going abroad. These two planets represent foreigners, especially Rahu indicates Christians and Kethu indicates Muslims. For example, when Kethu dasa or antardasa operates in the horoscope, the person is liable to come in contact with Muslims.

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Planetary combinations for foreign travel

Timing of foreign travel

A person may go abroad in the major dasa or antardasa periods of the planets shown in the following list.

Case Study: Going abroad

Male born on 25th May 1979 at 8.46 AM at Amalapuram, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh State, India.

foreign travel horoscope In his horoscope, the Ascendant is Gemini whose lord is Mercury posited in the 12th house. This indicates possibility of going to a foreign country. Incidentally, the same planet Mercury is becoming lord of the 4th house. Hence the lord of the 4th house is located in 12th house indicating residence abroad.

But, the native will go to a foreign country only if the 4th house is afflicted. Here, 4th house is afflicted because of two reasons: firstly, the lord of the 4th house is Mercury which is located in 12th house. In the second place, Mercury is in bad aspect from Saturn.

The native after completion of MCA, went to Australia for further studies during August 2004. During that time, the Rahu-Jupiter-Saturn period was going on. It means Rahu’s major period, Jupiter’s antardasa and Saturn’s vidasa period. Rahu is indicating contacts with foreigners. Saturn being 9th lord is indicating long travel. Jupiter being 10th lord is indicating professional course and earnings. He joined M.S in computers at a University in Sydney. While continuing as a student, he started earning money as a freelance software developer.

Rahu is in Leo whose lord is Sun. Hence Rahu acts like Sun. Since Sun is placed in 12th house, Rahu has connection with the 12th house. Rahu-Kethu involvement indicates permanent settlement in the foreign country. After his M.S, he joined a software development company and continued to stay in Australia. In between he came to India for a couple of months only. During the year 2012 (Rahu dasa - Kethu antardasa) , he got Permanent Residence card in Australia. By the time, this article is written (October 2014), he is still in Australia.

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