Chiranjeevi vedic horoscope

K.Siva Sankara Vara Prasad whose name is changed as ‘Chiranjeevi’ and who is popular as ‘mega star’ in the cine industry is all set to start his own party thus shifting his career from movies to politics. Here, we will make a complete analysis of Chiranjeevi's horoscope to know whether he will be successful in politics and become Chief Minister for Andhra Pradesh or not.

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Chiranjeevi was born on 22nd August 1955 at 10.10 am at Narasapur, Andhra Pradesh.

Let us first weigh his horoscope to know what made him so famous. Chiranjeevi has two of the top 5 Raja yogas which are given highest regard by Indian Astrology: The Hamsa Maha purusha yoga formed by Jupiter and the Sasa Maha purusha yoga formed by Saturn. See what sage Parasara says about these yogas: “A person with Hamsa yoga will have a lovely appearance, beautiful wife and enjoys all comforts in life. He would be devoted to virtues. A person with Sasa yoga will become a ruler or minister. He will be handsome, with angry eyes, spirited and brave.”

There is another yoga in Chiranjeevi's chart that is called ‘Vosi’ yoga formed by Jupiter which makes him charitable and wide renown.

Saturn the best benefic for Libra ascendant is posited in the ascendant which makes him acquire power or kingdom.

Even the presence of four planets in the place of profits will give him profit always from different sources.

All the above factors indicate the potentiality for Chiranjeevi to become a chief minister.

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According to Vimsottari dasa system, Chiranjeevi is born in Mars dasa. The next dasa of Rahu from May 1959 to May 1977 is not that much encouraging. Tensions and hardship will be seen during this period.

From May 1977 to May 1993, Jupiter dasa will be the best one in his life. Since Jupiter is exalted in his career place, he will get big hits and settle as a number one hero during this time. For example, his first movie ‘Praanam kareedu’ is launched in 1978 in this period.

From May 1993 to May 2012 is the period of Saturn. Since Saturn promotes service to the poor and represents masses, he started his blood bank during this period. Year 2006 is best for him since transit Jupiter entered his ascendant and coincided with natal Saturn. He has received ‘Padmabhushan’ from Indian Government and honorary ‘doctorate’ from Andhra University to his credit.

The current period Saturn - Rahu is from Jan 2007 till Nov 2009 is not good. This is a period where he has to exercise more caution in all issues. However, the minor period of Mercury from April 2008 to September 2008 will give good results. He may start his party in this period.

Around last week of April 2008, transit Saturn is coinciding with his natal Sun. This indicates some change in his career. Also, the presence of Uranus with Jupiter in his natal chart indicates sudden change in his career.

There are bright chances of winning in the elections. It is better if he takes support from other parties. Even if his party wins in the elections, the chances of he becoming a chief minister are very less. But the period after Nov 2009 is undoubtedly good and he may become the ruler after Nov 2009. Till then it is better if Chiranjeevi rules the state indirectly with the help of a representative. However, success can be assured if he performs Rahu-kethu puja as a remedial measure.

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