This is a Palmistry article to diagnose diseases and illhealth from palm lines. We can find diseases from palms like Cancer and Kidney troubles. Diseases from nails, Asthma lines, Venereal diseases, ulcer palm lines, Female problems in hands, Heart problems in palmistry, Teeth problems in palm, Mental ill health lines, Eye troubles in hands - are all discussed according to palm reading. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
indian palmistry lines and mounts in palm It is a super specialty hospital and there is heavy rush of people in the waiting hall. A middle-aged man is sitting with a gloomy face in the chair. He has a report in his hands and waiting to be called into the doctor's room. After 1 hour, he is sent into the room. The doctor examined the report and declared that the man has cancer in advanced stage and he may not survive. After 3 months, the man died.

Even though, now-a-days hospitals have latest lab equipment, the doctors are able to diagnose a disease only at its culminating stage. Can't we know the onset of a disease well in advance, so that we can get rid of the disease at its preliminary stage itself? Palmistry helps very much in such cases. Reading the lines of the palm can provide the information about the diseases well in advance, that is even difficult to diagnose using modern lab equipment in a hospital. See what the editorial of Journal of American Medical Association writes: "The human hand is a unique organ from which an extraordinary amount of clinical information may be derived".

Let us now try to understand how to diagnose some diseases by observing the nails of the fingers and the lines in the palm. Let us now try to understand how to diagnose some diseases by observing the nails of the fingers and the lines in the palm. The picture above will be useful to recognize certain Mounts and lines of palm.


(a) long nails: indicate weakness of lungs and respiratory problems.
(b) short nails flat and raised up at edges: throat and bronchial troubles.
(c) thin nails: headaches and body aches.
(d) triangular nails: nervous disorders and paralysis.
(e) circular nails with the finger tips look like knobs: weakness of heart.
(f) spoon shaped nails: malnutrition and glandular diseases.

vedic palmistry finger nails

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Eye troubles

If the heart line has an island formation or a circle under the ring finger, it represents eye weakness and sometimes blindness.
vedic palmistry eye troubles

Heart aches

If the heart line has breaks, it represents heart attacks.
vedic palmistry heart problems

Fatty heart

If the heart line has ridges below it and appears wide, it is an indication of accumulating fat into the heart's valves which may be closed.
palmistry heart trouble

Teeth problems

If the heart line has fine vertical lines cutting it under the middle finger, it represents the problems to gums and teeth.
palmistry teeth problems


Minute dots in head line represent tensions and headaches.
palmistry headache

Mental ill health

Any breaks and chains in head line represent mental ill health.
Palmistry mental illhealth


If the head line has islands, it tells about mental tensions and memory loss.
vedic palmistry tensions

Intestinal Ulceration

Malformation of ridges and some thin lines parallel to the health line under the head line represents bacterial infection in intestines and if strong leads to intestinal ulcers.
ulcer in the palm reading

Female problems

Crisscross or horizontal lines on the Mount of Moon indicate weak uterus and discharge problems for women.
female problems in palms

Venereal diseases

A star at the junction of the Head line and Health lines indicate venereal diseases. The same thing is indicated by island on the lower portion of Mount of Moon.
venereal diseases in palmistry


The space between the head line and heart line is narrow under the middle finger and one or two lines starting from the Mount of Venus move towards the head line - indicate asthma.
asthma in palm reading

Kidney troubles

If there is a grille or cross on the lower part of the Mount of Moon, it represents kidney troubles.
palmistry detection of kidney trouble


Malformation of ridges below the ring finger under the heart and head lines represent cancer virus has set into the body. In the next stage, the entire hand is filled with cob web formation of thin and crisscross lines.
palmistry detection of cancer
While observing the lines, observe them in both the palms. If the above indications are found in both the hands, then the above conclusions can be confirmed. If the above indications appear in only one palm, then we can say the person is prone to that disease.

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