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Eventhough the cases of Autism and Aspergers diseases are increasing rapidly, there is no methodology devised so far in Astrology to predict these diseases by glancing at a child's horoscope. This is the research based first article in the world on Autism and Aspergers disease which gives information on astrological factors involved in these diseases and how to analyze such horoscopes. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
All over the world, the cases of Autism and Aspergers syndrome are increasing day by day. Only in India, 1 million cases per year are noted on Autism and Aspergers disorders. The problem with these disorders is that there is no medical cure for them. Generally, these disorders reveal themselves before 2 years of age. They manifest into disabilities over the next few years.

Characteristics of Autism and Aspergers syndrome

Autism is sometimes called Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a range of conditions where the person faces trouble in communication with others. We can observe delayed speech in case of Autistic children. Such a child avoids talking with others and prefers to be alone. Most of the autistic children cannot hear sounds and hence cannot talk. Some autistic children are very sensitive to some sounds. They do not show interest in playing and sharing with others. At the age of 1 and half years, they do not respond to their names or smiling at others. There are several types of Autism. Aspergers syndrome (AS) is one type of Autism.

Astrological factors involving Autism and Aspergers syndrome

Finding out Autism and Aspergers syndrome astrologically needs some research as these are the new disorders which were not mentioned in the earlier astrological texts.

When we see an object, the nerves system in our eyes carries its picture to a particular region in the brain. The cells in the region of the brain will activate and interpret that picture due to which we recognize that object. In case of Autistic persons, the normal region of the brain which interprets the pictures will not function. Instead, other region which is nearer to that region will try to function. This leads to troubles in cognitive skills. Hence brain and nerves system play very important role in Autism. In Astrology, brain is ruled by the planet Mars and the Ascendant. The nerves system is ruled by Uranus which is higher octave of Mercury.

Communication like speaking or writing of the Autistic person is impaired. Since communication is ruled by Mercury, we need to give special attention to this planet. Also, the speech and throat places in Astrology horoscope chart are indicated by 2nd and 3rd houses.

The social behaviour of the Autistic persons will not be normal. They try to avoid mixing with others. Hence we have to concentrate on 7th house which indicates social behaviour in Astrology.

There are no medicines for Autism or Asperger syndrome. The reason perhaps is that the doctors could not clearly understand the root cause of the disorder. The disorder is linked with 'Sahasrara chakra' or 'crown chakra' that is located in the central part of the brain and its nerves system linked to other limbs in the physical body. This chakra is ruled by the planet Neptune. When Neptune is involved, diagnosis of the disease will become difficult. Even if it is diagnosed, there will be difficulty in curing it. So, Neptune should be given highest attention.

According to the above discussion, we have to observe the following houses: Ascendant, 2nd house, 3rd house and 7th houses. We have to focus our attention on the following planets: Mars, Uranus, Mercury and Neptune.

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Astrology horoscope analysis of Autism or Asperger syndrome

After analyzing several Autism horoscopes, we have devised the following points to estimate whether a person suffers from Autism or not.