cooperating with your stars

Your character is your destiny. Apart from knowing the future, Astrology can be used to understand our strengths and weaknesses, our attitude towards life and our emotional state. From our astrology horoscope, we should first understand what planets and stars are expecting from us. If we cooperate with our planets and stars and bring about the necessary changes in our character, then we can change our destiny for betterment. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
"As a factor in the making of Destiny, Character plays the most prominent and important part." – Alan Leo in ‘The Progressed Horoscope’.

We know that the purpose of Astrology is to predict the future and thereby giving necessary caution to the person. When a person knows his future, he can act intelligently and avoid many of the troubles. For example, a few years ago a person aged around 32 years consulted me. When I saw his horoscope, I understood that he was highly educated but not employed for the last 6 years. Upon asking ‘why’, he told me that he had his Ph.D in Computers and after that joined a high profile job in a multinational company where he continued for 1 year and then resigned the job thinking that he would prepare for Civil Services examination. For the last 6 years, he was attempting Civils and was not successful. Due to this, his marriage was also postponed. After observing his horoscope, I said there were no chances however that he could get a Government job. I announced that even if he tries for another 6 years, he would not get a small job in the Government sector. I also said that if he had met any Astrologer before taking the decision of quitting his job, he would not have wasted 6 years of precious time in his life. This is where Astrology helps us.

Apart from knowing the future, Astrology can be used to understand our strengths and weaknesses, our attitude towards life and our emotional state. This is useful if we want to improve our character and become a better human being. Let me elaborate on this. The planet Mars represents high levels of energy. In mythology, it represents a commander of soldiers. When this planet is posited in your Ascendant, you will exhibit dominating and quarrelling nature. You would feel life is a battlefield. You would be hot, tense, dominating, and straight forward up to the extent of hurting others either physically or verbally. Due to this nature, there will be troubles in the relationships with your colleagues in the office and with your spouse at home. This will lead to changing of jobs or divorce from spouse. Some people with more maturity levels would understand this Mars energy and try to suppress it. This abundant energy when suppressed will manifest in the form of ulcers in the intestines or tumours in the stomach. What is the solution for this problem? The best and simple solution is to spend the excessive energy given by Mars. This can be done by participating daily in outdoor sports like badminton or valley ball. Swimming and mountain climbing are also best options. You should train yourself to keep your anger always under control and learn a bit of diplomacy.

Similarly, the planet Saturn gives limitations and delays. According to mythology, Saturn is an old and lame man who walks very slowly. He works as a servant of gods. When Saturn is posited in the 6th house in your horoscope, your digestion will be very slow as 6th house represents stomach and digestion. Since Saturn gives limitation, you will eat very less and look thin. You would suffer from pain in the stomach due to bacterial infections now and then. If you are not careful about diet, you will end up with chronic ill health. The solution for this problem is that you should learn to take small quantities of food several times in a day. You should plan good diet with enough proteins. Also, you should do exercises such that there will be sweat from your body. For example, you can opt for brisk walk especially in the morning Sun. You are also advised to go for body massage once in a while to escape from slowness in the digestion process.

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What happens if you find Saturn in your 10th house which is the house of your profession or job? Since Saturn is slow, you can never expect quick progress in your job. There will be delays in getting promotions or increments and in many cases there may not be any promotions. The solution in this case is ‘hardwork’. You should do hardwork in your office. Also, let others know that you are really working hard, even after office hours. This will set the things right but slowly.

If you find the planet Neptune in your Ascendant, you will show much interest in tea, coffee or other cool drinks. In mythology, Neptune represents goddess of oceans and hence rules water stuff including ice creams and cool drinks. When Neptune is in the Ascendant, you are liable to get attracted to drinks including alcoholic drinks. Once you touch alcohols, you will be addicted to them. So, what to do? You should avoid alcohols or liquors in your life. It is better to take harmless drinks like tea, coffee or fruit juices. Drinking plenty of pure water daily will also keep you in good spirits.

Moon is an important planet that influences the minds of human beings. According to mythology, Moon received a curse from his father-in-law Daksha Prajapathi due to which his body grows for a fortnight and then decreases for the next fortnight. So, Moon will change day by day. In the same way, your mind will change every day if Moon is in your Ascendant. You will be emotionally imbalanced. Your decisions will change more often leading to confusion to others. And your judgment will be wrong in most cases. You are prone to diseases related to mind. People exhibit suicidal tendencies when Saturn is nearer to Moon. So, how can you get rid of these problems? The only solution is to make your mind stable by practicing meditation daily for at least 40 to 60 minutes. This will give you peace and stability of mind and you will be able to take good decisions in various walks of life.

An Astrologer can tell you what your stars (or planets) are expecting from you and what modifications you are supposed to bring in your character. If you cooperate with your stars and bring about the necessary changes in your character, you are on the path of changing your destiny for betterment. This is because your character is your destiny!

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