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Amaravathi andhra capital horoscope

Astrology muhurta (auspicious moment) set for Andhra Pradesh Capital City Amaravati. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandra Babu said that the muhurta given by a panel of Astrologers falls on 22nd October of 2015 at 12.45 PM. Since many Astrologers are skeptic about the effects of this muhurta, we will analyze what is in store for AP according to both Vedic and Western astrology systems. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
There is a great tussle over the muhurta (auspicious moment) set for Andhra Pradesh Capital City Amaravati. While the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandra Babu said that the muhurta given by a panel of Astrologers falls on 22nd October of 2015 at 12.45 PM, there are other Astrologers skeptic about the effects of this muhurta. Since the new state Telangana has divided from Andhra Pradesh recently, the capital city Hyderabad is no longer part of Andhra Pradesh. This has already shattered the administration for the last few years. Hence it is time Andhra Pradesh built a capital from where good administration can be expected by people.

In my opinion, setting a good muhurta is not that much easy. Some Astrologers look at maasa (lunar month), thithi (lunar day) and nakhastra (constellation) for setting a muhurta. This is wrong as these factors are considered from the location of the planet Moon. This is the problem with pujaris (or priests) who claim to know Astrology. But remember, an Astrologer is different from a pujari.

What is important in muhurta is the location of all planets along with their aspects. The location of planets tells us which areas of life will be affected due to this muhurta. The aspects between planets indicate good or bad events connected to those areas. Only one planet like Moon should not be given much importance. More over, the effects of Moon are very quick and temporary. Any big planet can easily modify those results.

horoscope of amaravati Since I practice both Indian Vedic Astrology and Western tropical Astrology, I would like to throw some light on the effects of this muhurta. In the muhurta chart drawn according to Vedic Astrology, the Ascendant is Capricorn. This indicates the people of Andhra Pradesh. Capricorn indicates patience and slowness. Saturn is forming aspect to the Ascendant. Hence, we can expect that the state will develop very slowly, at the pace of a turtle. The position of Moon in Capricorn is not good for seeds and agriculture. Hence, formers will see bad period. Moon gives heavy rains. But these rains will not be useful for the farmers as they will be untimely. More over, Moon rules the 7th house and hence, foreign business partners will be uncomfortable.

The 10th house which represents the ruler is occupied by Sun which is neecha (debilitated). Hence Sun is very weak. The ruler becomes weak and cannot utilize his full potentiality for the development of the state. Government officials will become lazy and will not attend their duties actively.

Since, the building of the state capital involves the 4th house, its ruler Mars should be considered with high priority. The planet Mars is in 8th house with Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter being the ruler of 12th house, there will be a lot of expenditure of money to build the capital. Venus represents luxury and entertainment oriented constructions in the vicinity of the capital. Prostitution will spread all over the capital.

Saturnís aspect on Mars is not good. This indicates accidents, especially vehicular accidents. So, we can expect more accidents in the capital city. Also, this combination indicates that the state will be in debts forever.

Exalted Mercury with Rahu in 9th house indicates that multinational companies will show interest to establish some really big industries in the state. The position of Moon indicates that the demands of the foreign companies will change very often and that becomes a headache to the Government.

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horoscope of amaravati In the muhurta chart drawn according to Western Astrology, the Ascendant is Aquarius whose lord Uranus is in bad aspect from Mercury. This indicates that there will be more development in the areas of computers and electronics. Mercury is in 9th house indicating that the multinational companies will establish their business in the state. Saturn is in parallel to the Ascendant representing that the development of the state will be very slow.

The 7th lord is Sun which is debilitated and in bad aspect to Moon. Hence, there will be trouble from business partners to the Government. The Government should take strong decisions to overcome those troubles.

The 10th house is in good aspect from Venus, Jupiter and Mars. This indicates that the rulers will receive good benefits. The rulers will involve in aggressive business. The Government officials will receive good income through taxes from the public.

Importance should be given to 4th house as it represents the building of the total state. The 4th house lord Venus is debilitated. Hence, there will be obstacles and slowness in building the state. Moreover, Venus is in bad aspect from Neptune. There will be huge amount of money required to build the state. The entire money will not be utilized properly as Mars is there. A lot of money will be wasted.

The position of Mars in both Vedic and Western charts is very bad indicating that the state will go into debts irrespective of revenue. Saturnís bad aspect on Neptune is not good for accumulation of wealth. The state will see severe troubles in financial matters and the treasury will be seen empty always.

From the above discussion, we can understand that this muhurta is having very less positive points. If this muhurta is followed, there may not be much problem for the ruler or CM of the state as feared by some Astrologers. But there will be problem to the financial status of the state. Since this muhurta is on Vijaya dasami, the same day when Goddess Durga won over the enemies, let us pray that Durga maaís blessings will rectify the bad effects of this muhurta.

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