Numerology can help us to get rid off our problems by escaping from ill-luck. We can become successful by attracting luck by correcting the spelling of our names according to Numerology and make our names filled with powerful positive vibrations. This article discusses N T Rama Rao name numerology, Abdul Kalam name numerology, Uday Kiran name numerology, Aarthi Agarwal name numerology. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
God is a pure form of love. His grace falls on all of us without boundaries and prejudice. God wants each and every one of us to be like Him. He even helps us every moment to be with full love and happiness. But most of us cannot take the help from Him. This is because of our karmas (past actions) which build walls between Him and us.

When we did bad karma (actions) in our past births, then we take birth in bad and challenging circumstances in the present birth. We may take birth in poverty or with some ill health or personal troubles. In such circumstances also, God tries to extend his help to us to overcome such things and come up in life. But we cannot receive God's help. The following are some of the reasons regarding why we are missing the divine help:

1. Residing in a house where Vaastu (architecture) is not good. When our dwelling does not have good Vaastu, then our efforts to go high in life will not be fruitful. Bad Vaastu pumps bad energies continuously into our body and mind. Hence we will not be able to prosper in our career, business or health. The solution for this problem is to correct the Vaastu of our residence place.

2. Born with a bad name. This means, we would be born with a name that emanates bad energies. When everyone around us calls with that name, the bad energies will mount up to the level where we are doomed to see failures in certain areas of life. For example, a name that is not in harmony with the birth date of the person will make the person lose many opportunities in his life and thus keeps him low forever. The solution for this problem is correcting the name such that it will be full of positive energies.

Then what happens? You will receive the full help intended by God. For example, let us take that you are earning 1 lakh rupees for month presently. But God is willing to give you a job where you will get 2 lakhs per month. By doing corrections to your name, you will be able to get into a job or business where your earnings will reach 2 lakhs per month.

I would like to devote the present article to create awareness regarding how a good name leads a person into success and how a bad name puts him into troubles. We can understand this very easily by observing the names of people and the events in their lives. Application of Numerology and Nameology will help us in this connection.

Why should one have a good name?

The name of a person creates an identity to live in this world. All activities are done with the name that we acquire since our childhood. If something does not have a name, it becomes insignificant. The sounds in the name influence the psychology of the person and thus control his destiny. A name with good vibrations will create good energy and a name with bad vibrations will produce negative vibrations. Hence you should have a good name. In the following discussion, Iam not analyzing all the numbers contained in a name. We will analyze only those numbers which are sufficient for our understanding.

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N T Rama Rao
N T Rama Rao, an Indian actor and politician who served as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for seven years over three terms was born on 28th May 1923. He set up the Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh state in the year 1982 and thus posed a threat to the existence of the Congress party in India at National level.

His name number in Pythagoras = 38 (indicates that he is an actor)
His name number in Chaldean = 27 (indicates strong will and popularity)
Total letters in his name = 9 (popularity)
His Birth date numbers = 1 and 3 (high political success)

Abdul Kalam
Abdul Kalam was one of the reputed scientists from India who became President of India in the later years. He was born on 15th October 1931.

His name number in Pythagoras = 24 (an advisor, not good for marital life)
His name number in Chaldean = 27 (indicates strong will and popularity)
Total letters in his name = 10 (career in Government)
His Birth date numbers = 6 and 3 (Minister)

Uday Kiran
Uday Kiran was a Filmfare Award winning Indian film actor, who primarily worked in the Telugu cinema. His first three films were successful hits, earning him the title 'Hat-trick Hero'. He was born on 26th January 1980. He ended his life by hanging himself on 5th January 2014.

His name number in Pythagoras = 41 (highest name and fame, hat-trick hero)
His name number in Chaldean = 23 (business success)
Total letters in his name = 9 (popularity)
Sum of vowels in his name = 14 (indication of premature death)
His Birth date numbers = 8 and 9 (killing others or self)

Aarthi Agarwal
Born in USA, Aarthi Agarwal was a noted Indian-American actress who primarily worked in Telugu cinema industry. She was born on 5th March 1984. At the age of 31, she went for liposuction surgery and later suffered a cardiac arrest and died prematurely on 6th June 2015 in USA.

Her name number in Pythagoras = 57 (rise and fall in the career)
Her name number in Chaldean = 31 (failures and ill health)
Total letters in her name = 13 (death number)
Sum of vowels in her name = 14 (indication of premature death)
Her Birth date numbers = 5 and 3 (success in the career)

If your name is corrected, it will give you wealth, health and luck

This happened in the year 2013. There was a college-going girl by the name 'Meera'. This name has numbers 24, 17 and 13. The number 24 indicates infectious diseases like cancer. 17 indicates chronic diseases. The number 13 is death number. This girl was inflicted by cancer during her final year degree. Doctors declared that she will die in 3 months even after performing an operation.

When she was on her death bed, her parents consulted me. I changed her name by adding letters and still kept the same pronunciation. This new spelling has numbers 37, 23 and 7. The combination of numbers 37 (=1) and 23 (=5) represents healing of diseases. 7 indicates spiritual help from previous births. When her name is changed, recovery was very quick and the doctor sent her home within a week. She became normal in 1 month. In another 1 month, the same doctors confirmed that her cancer was completely gone. Amazed, her parents went to Mumbai and got her tested in an Advanced Cancer Institute. The tests showed that there was no trace of cancer. By the time this article was written first in 2017, she is keeping very healthy. Recently, in the year 2021, she met me again and there is no proof of the previous problems.

When the name of a person reveals bad fate, why can't we escape it by changing the name of the person? This was what exactly done by ancient Greeks and Egyptians. When they found a person was about to die with some disease and the herbal medicines did not work, they used to do the following rituals: 1. Changing the name of the person, 2. Changing the place of the person, 3. Giving donations to others, and 4. Offering prayers to God on the name of the person.

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