All of us have past lives. And we would have done some good and bad karmas or actions in the past life. The present good or bad things in our lives are due to those past karmas. This article tells us what bad karmas we did in our past life from Numerology karmic numbers and the effects of those karmic numbers on us in the present birth. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
The word 'karma' has a deeper meaning in religious scriptures. Karma refers to the actions performed by human beings in their past births. People would perform some good and some bad deeds. Hence, karma is a mixture of good and bad actions. When a person performs good actions, he will enjoy good life, luxuries, name and fame, wealth and health in the present life. Similarly, when a person did bad actions, he is liable to suffer from lack of wealth and health.

In Astrology, the planets Rahu and Kethu are called karmic planets which give only the fruits of bad deeds in the past lives. These planets are demonic in nature. In Numerology, the numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19 play the role of carrying the karmic vibrations from past births. Hence these are called karmic numbers. The problem is that all these four numbers carry bad karmic vibrations, i.e. the fruits of bad karmas done in the past and hence they exert bad influence in the present life. We first discuss the meanings of karmic numbers in Numerology.

Karmic Number 13

The number 13 indicates that the person did not do his share of work and passed it to others. Thus, there was a huge burden on others. Due to this, the person will face limitations and restrictions in proving his talent in the present birth. The person may not produce positive results in spite of his hard work.

The number 13 is considered unlucky number or a bad omen in many parts of the world and the 13 Tarot Card represents death. Death, decay, inertia, stagnation, poison, and curse are the words associated with 13 and hence it is a very dangerous number.

Karmic Number 14

The number 14 indicates that the person gave trouble to others with his intelligence. In the previous births, the person had applied his intelligence for giving trouble to others. So, in the present birth, there are chances of having mental or physical illhealth. There will be disaster in his business affairs. So, 14 is associated with the words: sensual, sexy, health problems and business disaster.

Karmic Number 16

The number 16 indicates that the person had illicit love affairs and robbed the money of others by cheating. Hence, he will face marital problems and financial troubles in this life. These problems occur rather suddenly and in an unexpected manner. The number 16 is very dangerous number and is connected to the words: shock, sudden, accidents, crash, power, hazard and high voltage.

Karmic Number 19

The number 19 represents that the person had misused his power and authority to suppress others in the past births. Due to this, the person will become a victim of plans and intrigues of others. Even though, opportunities are present, he cannot utilize them for his advantage. So, wherever 19 is found, we can think that the person becomes victim of circumstance and cannot utilize the opportunities.

Karmic numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19 may appear anywhere either in the name of the person or in the birth date. Special care is needed while analyzing them. When the karmic numbers receive support from any other bad numbers, then only they manifest into maximum trouble. When other numbers are good, karmic numbers give trouble only in some specific areas of life. In the following sections, we give some examples to understand the influence of karmic numbers.

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Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi was born on June 19, 1945 in Myanmar (Burma). She initiated a non-violent movement against dictatorship to achieve democracy and human rights in her country. The Government has imposed house arrest on her and she spent 20 years of her precious life (from 1990 to 2010) being away from people. She won Nobel Prize for Peace in 1991. Let us see what important numbers are found in her name and date of birth.

Name number = Aung San Suu Kyi = 1+3+5+7+1+1+5+1+3+3+2+7+9 = 48
Total letters in the name = 13 (Karmic number)
Birth date = 19 - 6 - 1945
Only birth date = 19 (Karmic number)
Only birth year = 1945 = 1+9+4+5 = 19 (Karmic number)

So, Aung San Suu Kyi has two karmic numbers which are 13 and 19 in addition to her name number 48. The number 48 indicates a good visionary and planner. 19 represents that she will become victim of others plans, in this case the Government. 13 indicates stagnation and inertia which aptly describes her house arrest.

Aruna Shanbaug

The pathetic story of Aruna Shanbaug moves everyone to tears. During November 1973, while she was working as a junior nurse at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, she was sexually assaulted by a ward boy. This shocked her so much that she went into coma and could not come out of it. She died on 18th May 2015 after spending nearly 42 years in bed in coma state.

Name number = Aruna Shanbaug = 1+9+3+5+1+1+8+1+5+2+1+3+7 = 47
Total letters in the name = 13 (Karmic number)
Birth date = 1 - 6 - 1948
Birth single number = 1
Birth compound number = 1+6+1+9+4+8 = 29 = 11 = 2

The important numbers in the case of Aruna Shanbaug are 47 and 13. Here 47 represents inner struggle. The number 13 indicates death and inertia which played its role exactly.

Bruce Lee

Born on November 27th 1940, Bruce Lee was famous for his martial arts and movies. He created sensation all over the world with his movies which ignited interest on martial arts like karate and kung fu. While at the zenith of his career, during the age of 33, he suddenly died with headache. Let us see whether his numbers reflect his sudden death or not.

Name number = Bruce Lee = 2+9+3+3+5+3+5+5 = 35
Total letter in the name = 8
Birth date = 27 - 11 - 1940
Only year number in birth = 1940 = 1+9+4+0 = 14 (Karmic number)
Total birth number = 9 + 2 + 5 = 16 (Karmic number)

So, the numbers of Bruce Lee are 35, 14 and 16. The number 35 refers to business success and inventor. He started his own martial arts school by the name Jeet Kune Do invented his own techniques in the martial arts. 14 indicates health problem, especially related to head or spine. The number 16 indicates power and high voltage that is what Bruce Lee displayed in his fights. This number also indicates sudden accidents or sudden demise.

Y S Rajasekhara Reddy

Born on 8th July 1949, Y S Rajasekhara Reddy was the 14th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh who was famous for his powerful governance. His sudden and sad demise in the helicopter crash on 2nd September 2009 is still afresh in the minds of Telugu people. Let us discuss the effect of karmic numbers in his case. Since we should not take surname into consideration for Numerology purposes, we do the calculations as:

Name number = Rajasekhara Reddy = 9+1+1+1+1+5+2+8+1+9+1+9+5+4+4+7 = 68
Total letter in the name = 16 (Karmic number)
Sum of vowels in his name = 14 (Karmic number)
Birth date = 8 - 7 - 1949
Birth single number = 8
Birth compound number = 8+7+1+9+4+9 = 38 = 2

The numbers which guided his destiny are 68, 14 and 16. The number 68 indicates business success on a large scale. 14 indicates worldly pleasures and health problems. 16 indicates power, crash and sudden accidents. Now, anybody can easily understand the power of karmic numbers.

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