This is the 2nd chapter on Indian Vedic astrology lessons. This chapter deals with the 9 planets in Hindu vedic astrology jyothish and their significance or karakatwa. Then the symbols for the horoscope planets are also discussed along with understanding the lorships of planets in astrology. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
In Indian Hindu Vedic Astrology, a planet is that object which receives energy from cosmos and reflects upon human beings. Hence a planet is called 'graha' meaning that which receives. When a planet is located in a particular sign or rasi, it will affect the human beings in a particular way. To know its effects, first of all we should know the nature of the planet. The following description helps us to know about the significance of the 9 planets in Indian Hindu Vedic Astrology.

Significance or karakatwa of Planets

Sun (Surya)
Sun rules heart, backbone and eyes. Medical treatment is also denoted by Sun. Authority, dignity, power, honour, individuality, creative ability, efficiency, honorary posts, Government works, are the effects of Sun. It denotes father. It denotes husband in female horoscopes. Protection, kindness, love and affection, fine arts, sports, competitions, betting, luxuries and pleasures will come under this planet.

Moon (Chandra)
Moon planet rules over mind. It denotes mother. Moon represents mentality, psychology, conduct, maternal relatives, family members, female relatives, the residence of native’s wife, emotional feelings, response, chest, stomach, nourishment. Water, liquids, milk, juices, sea voyage, essential commodities and restaurants will come under this planet.

Mars (Kuja)
Mars planet gives ambition to stay in the first place. Authority, power, pioneers of any movement or agitation, bravery, readiness, firm opinions and plans of execution, arrogance, pride, dignity, quarrelsome nature, disputes, anger, headstrong attitude, impulsive actions will come under Mars. It rules head and brain.

Jupiter (Guru)
Jupiter gives wisdom, progress, expansion, good opportunities, high ideals, broadminded nature, higher education, philosophical, spiritual, religious, scientific fields, politics, judicial issues, legislature, ministry, foreign affairs, distant relatives, pilgrimages, jobs involving extensive travel, teaching, law, publication of books, management of educational institutions, speeches and broadcasting. Jupiter rules over buttocks, hips and liver in the human body.

Saturn (Sani)
Saturn planet expects hardwork and patience. Employment, business, work, labour, agriculture, industries, stability, safety, protection, foresight, responsibility and materialistic outlook will come under this planet. Elders, aged people, experienced persons, delays, hurdles, limitations, imprisonment, confinement, slow moving, disappointment, disinterest, hesitation, gardening, mines, ores, animals, birds, cattle, house construction, earth related works and labour contracts come under Saturn.

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Mercury (Budha)
Mercury gives wisdom and knowledge. Grasping power, thinking capacity, expression of feelings, speech, symbols, figures, information, messages, reports, calculations, imitation, writing, letters, teaching, printing, interest in literature, accounts, mathematics, all works where calculations are involved, media, middlemen, representation, agencies, transportation, music, acting, short journeys, brothers and sisters and scientific issues will come under this planet. Mercury also represents lungs, mental instability, nervous weakness, stomach problems, stammering and dumbness.

Venus (Sukra)
Friendship, love, unity, relationship, attachments, public relations, married life, spousal issues, partnerships, joint efforts, beauty and attraction, pleasures, luxuries, music, dance, arts, acting, decoration, sculpture and other fine arts, female relatives, wife, matrimonial alliances, various comforts, ornaments, garments, vehicles come under the planet Venus. It rules throat, navel and kidneys.

In Indian Hindu Vedic Astrology, we take two more planets Rahu and Kethu. In fact Rahu and Kethu are not planets. They represent the two intercepting points of the path of the Moon with the path of the Sun. The point towards the North direction is called North Node or Rahu and the point opposite to it in the South direction is called South Node or Kethu. Since these points also exert their influence on the human beings, they are considered as planets in Hindu Vedic Astrology. Their significance is given below.

North Node (Rahu)
Rahu rules Mundane knowledge, research, life in foreign land, poison, detachment, troubles, foreign languages, non-vedic religions, skin diseases, amputation, snake bite.

South Node (Ketu)
Kethu rules Occult knowledge, chain smoking, Moksha (Ultimate Liberation), miserliness, disputes, begging, imprisonment, mantras and tantras, religious worship and lunacy.

Symbols for Planets in Astrology

Astrology planets symbols We learned that there are a total of 9 planets in Indian Vedic Hindu Astrology. In Western Astrology, 3 more planets are also considered. They are Uranus (Indra), Neptune (Varuna) and Pluto (Yama). All these planets can be represented using symbols in Astrology which are shown in the figure at right side.

Lordships of planets over zodiac signs

astrology planets lordships of zodiac signs Depending on similarities between the planet and a particular zodiac sign, our ancient people have associated each planet with a particular sign. For example, Mars is a planet that indicates strength and dynamic nature to execute any project. Hence it is linked to Aries which is a sign of strength and action. So, Mars is lord or owner for Aries sign. Similarly Venus is lord or owner for Taurus sign. The figure at the right hand side shows the lordships of planets in the zodiac.

From the figure, we can observe that all the 7 planets except Sun and Moon rule 2 signs each. For example Mars rules the signs Aries and Scorpio. Venus rules the signs Taurus and Libra. But Sun and Moon rule only 1 sign each. Sun is the ruler for Leo and Moon is the ruler for Cancer.

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