This is the 1st chapter on Indian Vedic astrology lessons. This chapter deals with the Hindu vedic astrology zodiac that contains 12 signs or rasis. It deals with fundamentals of astrology and how the rasi chakra or zodiac is formed. Then the meanings of each rasi or zodiac signs are explained for the 12 signs or rasis. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
Astrology is being practiced by all most all countries in the world. Astrology was developed by seers in ancient India millions of years ago. Astrology deals with planets, stars and their influence on animate and inanimate objects existing on the earth. There are two important uses of Astrology.

1. Astrology is predictive science: It is useful to know the future events in the life of a person and thus helps any one to take appropriate decisions to become successful.

2. Astrology is spiritual awareness: When we understand Astrology, we can finally come to a conclusion that everything is pre-defined. The birth and death of a person and the life events are all already defined by God. After understanding all these things, the person will slowly turn into spirituality where he will try to explore God and relationship between him and God.

Zodiac (Rasi chakra)

In Astrology, we take earth as our reference point since we take birth on earth and worried about the things on earth. When a person stands on earth and looks around, he can find all the other planets and stars are moving around him. In Science, Sun is not a planet. It is called a star since it emits heat and light. But in Astrology, anything that influences earth and exists in the same solar system is called Graha (or planet). In this connection, Sun is also treated as a planet since it influences earth.

Astrology zodiac signs picture The space around the earth is shown in the form of a circle that is called Zodiac or Rasi Chakra. The Zodiac is divided into 12 parts each of which contains 30 degrees, thus a total of 12 X 30 = 360 degrees. Each slice of the zodiac is called a zodiac sign or rasi. Thus the 12 zodiac signs are: 1. Aries (Mesha) , 2 Taurus (Vrishabh), 3. Gemini (Mithuna), 4. Cancer (Karkataka), 5. Leo (Simha), 6. Virgo (Kanya), 7. Libra (Thula), 8. Scorpio (Vrischik), 9. Sagittarius (Dhanush), 10. Capricorn (Makara), 11. Aquarius (Kumbha), and 12. Pisces (Meena).

When earth is moving around the Sun, it appears as if Sun is moving around the earth since we are taking the earth as reference point. Sunís motion around the earth is not real. So, it is called apparent motion of Sun. When Sun is moving around the earth, it can be seen in any of the 12 zodiac signs. For example, during March 21 to April 20, Sun is seen in the first zodiac sign Aries or Mesha.

Each zodiac sign indicates 30 degrees distance and we can find several stars in that part which are far away from our solar system. It is found in Astrology that even the stars will also exert their influence on the life on earth. These stars are called constellations. For example, according to Vedic Astrology, the Aries sign contains 3 important constellations: Aswini, Bharani and some part of Krittika constellation. The zodiac figure shows the zodiac with Sun and earth in the middle. When seen from earth, the planet Sun looks as if it is in the Leo sign.

The main difference between Astrology and Astronomy is that Astrology focuses on the influence of planets on human beings where as Astronomy gives importance to examination of celestial bodies and their properties.

Astrology zodiac signs or rasis in square box In Western Astrology, zodiac is shown in the form of a circle divided into 12 parts. But in Indian Vedic Astrology, it is shown in the form of a square shaped box with 12 compartments. The figure on the right hand side shows the zodiac signs in clock-wise direction. The following description is useful to understand the effects of each zodiac sign on human beings.

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Meanings of Zodiac signs or rasis

Aries (Mesha)
Aries is a sign of strength and action. Aries gives dynamic and creative nature, original and independent, abundant energy, adventurist, enterprising, courageous, freedom loving, power to adjust to circumstances, strong will power, planning ability, self confident, love for art and beauty. Aries may also give quick tempered, rash, restless, stubborn and impulsive person.

Taurus (Vrishabh)
Taurus is a sign of patience and possessions. Taurus shows practicality, patience, fond of pleasure, love, beauty and music, cautious, careful, endurance, industrious, trustworthy, and stable mind. Taurus may also give laziness, possessive nature, stubborn, proud and materialistic nature.

Gemini (Mithuna)
Gemini is a sign of communication. Gemini gives intelligence, planning, versatile, adaptable, logical, fond of reading and writing, sensual, artistic, imaginative, a flair for foreign languages, good conversationalist and mathematics. Gemini also gives changeable and wavering mind, restless nature, trickery, fraud and deception.

Cancer (Kataka)
Cancer is a sign of domestic nature. Cancer shows domestic, emotional, sensitive, imaginative and intuitional mind, attached to family, fertile imagination, hospitable, honest and loves justice. Cancer may also give lack of confidence, restless, hen-pecked, hypersensitive nature, unstable, and low recuperative power.

Leo (Simha)
Leo is a sign of power and politics. Leo represents dynamic, dominating, active, creative, ambitious, courageous, broad minded, good organizer, likes art, literature and music, cannot be dictated, unimpulsive, and independent thinker. Leo also represents egotistic, proud, stubborn, arrogant and obstinate person.

Virgo (Kanya)
Virgo sign indicates practical mind. Virgo represents intelligent, analytical mind, modest, loves peace and order, good memory, health conscious, methodical, cautious, economical, diplomatic and truthful. Virgo also represents lack of self confidence, impractical, hyper critical, and gets carried away by impulses.

Libra (Thula)
Libra sign shows artistic and refined nature. Libra represents romantic, charming, idealist, peace makers, refined, diplomatic, love justice peace and order, adaptability, artistic, inspirational and sensual temperament, humanitarian, unbiased in opinions. Libra also gives indecisive, flirtations, easily influenced, non-realistic approach, over indulgence in sex and pleasures.

Scorpio (Vrischik)
Scorpio is a sign of critical and secretive mind. Scorpio represents materialistic, emotional and powerful feelings, determined, intelligent, good writer and conversationalist, generous, loves excitement, intense and dynamic in romance. Scorpio also gives jealous, resentful, obstinate, secretive, suspicious and over-critical nature.

Sagittarius (Dhanush)
Sagittarius is a sign of philosophy and higher mind. Sagittarius gives humane, dynamic, sincere, optimistic, versatile, open-minded nature, philosophical, religious, orthodox, enterprising, and humble, hates external show and hypocrisy. Sagittarius also gives over-anxious, restless, careless, boastful, and apt to exaggerate nature.

Capricorn (Makara)
The sign Capricorn indicates practical vision, discipline but gloomy nature. Capricorn represents most practical nature, strong willed, determined, careful, prudent, disciplined, patient, hardworking, far-sighted, good stamina, talkative, cautious and sympathetic nature. Capricorn also gives cunning, cruel, religious hypocrite, miserly, rigid, harsh, laziness and suffers from wind related diseases.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
The sign Aquarius indicates strong will and love for freedom at all planes. Aquarius shows humanitarian, independent, friendly, original, inventive, loyal, idealist, rational, skill in mechanical works, tiring journeys and devoted to life partner. Aquarius also shows eccentric and unpredictable nature, rebellious, stubborn and tactlessness.

Pisces (Meena)
Pisces is a sign of sympathy and retrospection. Pisces gives religious, god-fearing, superstitious, compassion, orthodox, reserved, learned, grateful, artistic, kind and sympathetic nature, impressed by feelings and thoughts of others, inclined to change and travel. Pisces also shows weak willed, immoral, timid, worry, nervous and confused nature.

Symbols for Zodiac signs or rasis

Astrology zodiac signs or rasis symbols We learned that from Aries to Pisces, we have 12 signs which are also called rasis. These 12 signs are represented using symbols in Astrology which are shown in the figure at right side.

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