The words we utter are important because they contain sound energies. We call others with their name and the names also have sounds. These sound energies behind a name are analyzed in Pronology to know how the name is affecting the life of a person. Whereas Numerology depends on numerical value of a name, Pronology depends on the sound vibrations in a name. When a name has bad vibrations, then the person is doomed to see failures in his life. By correcting the spelling of the name of a person according to Pronology and Numerology, we can make the person achieve highest success. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
God has given different subjects like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu etc. which guide the human beings to achieve prosperity in all the spheres of life. When these subjects are utilized properly, any person can understand his future and the steps to minimize any failures. Pronology is also one of such powerful subjects that helps us to understand the hidden meanings of our names. Pronology is a science of analyzing sound vibrations in a name. Whereas Numerology depends on numerical value of a name, Pronology depends on sound vibrations in a name.

When we know the meaning of sounds in our name, we will get an idea of what our destiny is. When the sound in our name is not good, we are likely to get bad situations in our life. This knowledge also helps us to correct our name to reduce the troubles and get better success. To know the sounds of a name, we should examine the name and pronounce it slowly by concentrating on two or three letters at a time to find out the sounds and words hidden in the name. For example, take the name Prasad, and read it slowly as Pr, Pra, Rasa, Sad, etc. Among these words, the meaningful word is sad. It represents a lonely person who cannot receive cooperation from his colleagues and friends. He would not trust anyone easily and there will be some health trouble to himself or to one of his family members which makes him sad. The same analysis is applicable for a woman’s name Sadhana.

I have observed many people with the name Avinash dying prematurely or facing a lot of struggles in their lives. The reason is clear. The name Avinash contains the word vinash which represents destruction.

Let us take another name Manoj. The sounds involved in this name are Man and no. Man represents positive qualities like dynamic and ambitious nature, interest in pleasures and accomplishing any task. But no will make him not to possess such qualities. So, Manoj will see failures in his personal life as well as professional life. Since he is not manly, his spouse will not be happy with him which leads to troubles in his married life. There may be delay in getting a job. Even after getting a job, there may be unfriendly atmosphere in his job. If he does business, he will see losses. The same rule applies to names like Manorama and Mani. The name Manorama contains Man and no. It means she does not need a man. She will do the manly things and will be dominating her husband. This leads to separation or divorce from her husband. The name Mani contains Man and ni. Here ni is negative sound which should be taken as no. The same effect can be seen for the names Rajamani, Ramani, Manohari etc.

In the preceding discussion, observe Ramani which has ram. This sound represents a goat. This person will be stubborn and selfish in nature. Such a person will not change his or her decisions. Other example names are Ramesh and Rama Rao.

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Similarly, the name Vinod causes failures and troubled life since it contains vin (win) and no. Also, Naveen where we can see na (no) and veen (win). Hence these people will not be successful.

The names containing the sounds Di, Dy, Dhi, etc represent death. For example, Princess Diana died of a vehicular accident prematurely. As we know, Mahatma Gandhi was also a victim of the sound dhi in his name. Also, we should understand that the name Modi contains the same danger. Extend this view to our country’s name, India which represents internal suffering and deaths. Due to this name, India can never prosper even if she is full of natural resources and talented people. A better alternative is to call her Bharat.

When a name starts with Su, there is danger of involving into legal and police troubles. Su sounds like sue meaning litigation. So, names like Suman, Surendra, Sunil are not good. Observe the last name Sunil that contains nil at the end that represents ill or nil. Either he may suffer from health disorder or he may not accumulate any wealth in his life. The same effect can be seen for the names Sudha, Sushila, Sujatha, Suguna etc.

Names like Eshwar, Nageswar, Rajeswar contain the sound war. This will make their lives always like a battle. They need to put maximum effort to achieve minimum success. Even if they talk for the welfare of others, they are misunderstood by others.

The names like Mala, Malathi, Kamala, Vimala, Nirmala etc. contain the sound male and hence they act like males. They try to dominate their husbands and thus spoil their married life.

The names Suresh, Mahesh, Umesh all end with the sound sh which means silence. They will generally have health troubles and by the end of their lives they will become lonely and calm. They will face troubles in the old age. Hence they should plan their investments properly.

In some names we see oo (double o) representing two zeroes. For example, Poornima, Bhoomika, Bhoopathy, etc. Such names indicate failures even though they seem to be successful initially.

Similarly, when we examine the name Abraham Lincoln, it contains words ham and linc (link). The word linc represents linking different regions of America and getting the unity of all states. The word ham represents sacrifice. He sacrificed his life for the welfare of USA. This word also indicates his assassination.

When we analyze the name Adolf Hitler, we can see the word hit, which represents his interest in waging war against others.

Let us decode the word Universe. The words Uni (one) and verse (sound) represent that the entire Universe had originated from a single sacred sound. This is the sound Om mentioned in Vedas.

A last word. If your name has bad sound vibrations according to Pronology, then take the help of a Numerologist and get your name corrected according to Numerology. The Numerologist will add good letters or remove bad letters from your name and fill it with positive vibrations. When best numbers are employed in your name, trouble indicated by the sounds will be considerably reduced and your chances of success will increase. So, Numerology will lead you into success even if Pronology in your name is not good.

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