Our entire Universe is connected by invisible energy lines forming a net. When a particular planetary configuration occurs, the energies of these planets reach the earth on this net and influence the humanbeings and their surroundings. So, the changes or disturbances in our environment are due to planets forming a particular configuration. Sakuna sastra, or nimitta sastra is one of the branches of Astrology where an Astrologer can predict the outcome of a question by observing these changes in the environment. The omens can be classified as good or bad in Sakuna Sastra and accordingly predictions can be made. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
One of the branches of Astrology where an Astrologer can predict the outcome of a question just by observing the changes in the environment is called ‘Sakuna Sastra’ or ‘Nimitta Sastra’ or Astrology of omens. The word ‘sakuna’ refers to something indicative. ‘Nimitta’ represents something happening at the moment. Let us take an example. A person going on a work found a black cat coming opposite in his way. It is a sakuna or indication that he will see delay or failure in his work. The reason is black represents planet Saturn who gives delays and failures. The cat coming in opposite direction is an indication that Saturn is not favorable for him to carry out that work.

sakuna sastra or Nimitta sastra The amazing thing about Sakuna sastra is that the person who wants to know the future need not have any knowledge of Astrology and planets. He can simply observe the changes around him at that moment and know what is coming to his way.

Science behind Sakuna sastra

Every planet in our Solar System radiates a specific type of energy. When the energies from different planets are combined, we will have a lump of energy called ‘planetary energy flux’.

Dr. Ernst Hartmann soon after the Second World War found that the planetary radiations surround the earth in the form of a net. Two scientists Bill Becker and Bethe Hagens proposed that the entire Universe including our earth is surrounded by a ‘grid plate’ like formation. This grid plate carries energy to all the places in the Universe in the form of lines. These energy lines pass in the direction of earth’s North Pole towards the South Pole. The surprising thing is these energy lines are clearly visible to the birds flying in the sky. They follow these lines while migrating to distant places.

The planetary energy flux first reaches the grid plate. When the planets are in good position, the energy flux flows smoothly on the grid plate. When there are changes in the planetary energies, then the flux will assume different forms. For example, when the planets’ energies are so bad that there is possibility of an earth quake, a sharp spike appears on the plate.

According to Madis Senner, the planetary energy flux from the grid plate is caught by ‘ducts’ on the earth. A duct can be imagined like a pipe which grabs the energy from the grid plate and pumps it down to our earth’s atmosphere. There are innumerable ducts on the surface of the earth which continuously bring the planetary energies into our surroundings.

These planetary energies are absorbed by the human beings, animals, birds, trees, mountains, oceans, objects etc. This is the way the energies from the planets are received by us on the earth. After reaching our surroundings, the planetary energies will influence our thoughts and actions.

Thus there is an interconnection between what is happening at the above and the things going to happen here on the earth. Let us explain this further. Due to a certain planetary configuration, there is planetary energy flux generated. This flux travels on the grid plate which is at the higher atmosphere on the earth. From there, ducts carry the flux into our surroundings on the earth’s surface. This flux influences all objects in our surrounds. When a person wants to know whether he will get a promotion in his job, we should understand that at that moment that person’s thoughts are under the influence of these energies surrounding him. Now the answer for his query is also in those energies entering his surroundings. If the energy flux is good and harmonious, then there will be good happenings in our surroundings. If there are obstacles in the flow of energy or hazardous energy flow is there, then there will be bad happenings showing up. For example, when at that moment, he has seen a boy running with two apples in his hand. This denotes that the boy has fruit (benefit) in his hands and hence the person will definitely get promotion. Since there are two fruit, we can interpret that the promotion happens in two months.

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Application of Sakuna Sastra

There is a story about a lady visiting Varahamihira while he was teaching Astrology to his disciples. The lady said that her husband had gone to a foreign country a few years ago and did not return home and there was no news from him whatsoever. In those days, people used to go to foreign countries to do business and earn money. But most of the people die during their sail. The lady wanted to know whether her husband returns home or not.

At that moment, Varahamihira’s wife entered the hall. She said that she was on the way of drawing the water from the well when suddenly the rope had broken and the bucket fell into the well. She asked Varahamihira to send his disciples to help her get the bucket out of the well. This is an indication (Sakuna or Nimitta) that contains answer for the question of the lady who wanted to know about her husband.

Now Varahamihira turned to his disciples for an interpretation of the Sakuna. The disciples said that the lady’s husband would not return as it was a bad omen that the rope was broken and the bucket had fallen into the well. But one disciple said that the lady’s husband would definitely return. Varahamihira asked why? The disciple said that the water in the bucket reached its original place in the well which was an indication that the man returns to his original (native) place. The breakage of rope was not bad since it was broken due to pull of bucket while reaching its original place. Of course, the lady’s husband returned home after 6 months.

So, when a person poses a question to the Astrologer, the Astrologer first should keenly observe the surroundings for any changes happening due to planetary energies. The changes may be in the objects, birds, animals etc around him or sometimes there would be changes in his body also. These changes indicate the answer for the query. But the Astrologer should be able to interpret the indications (Sakuna or Nimitta) properly. Also, the person asking the query should have strong and genuine desire to know the answer. One should never pose questions just for fun or testing. In such cases the interpretations go wrong.

Good and bad omens

When interpreting the Sakunas (omens), often the Astrologer or the querent will also see the indications in their body. For example, the Astrologer or the querent may have some tingling sensation in one of the body parts which can be interpreted as follows:

It brings good luck and favors if there is a tingling sensation in the entire head, right side of the forehead, corners of the eyes, either side of the nose, in the upper or lower lips, left chest, stomach, right side in the back, right side or left side of the chest just below the shoulder, right hand, elbows, thumbs, waist, right or left thighs, left knee and right leg ankle.

It brings bad luck and there will be difficulties if a tingling happens in the back side of the head, lower or upper eye lids, left eye, neck, back side of the neck, throat, right chest, naval cavity, left hand, entire back, genitals, right knee, left leg ankle, upper side of the right or left foot.

Good objects like musical instruments, fruit, flowers, umbrella, horse, elephant, cow, white ox, mirror, white clothes, meat, honey, rice, food, vegetables, milk, curd, processions related to a festival or marriage ceremony indicate good luck and success.

At the time of asking the question if bad objects like new earthen pot, logs, oil, charcoal, ashes, husk, stones, salt, police, eunuch, physically handicapped, patient, beggar, pregnant lady, snake, cat, pig, monkey, owl, processions related to death ceremony are all indicative of bad luck and failures.

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