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1. How will be my primary and higher education?
2. Will I go abroad on account of my education? When?
3. Will I get scholarship?
4. Which line of education will suit me?
5. I am taking an exam now. Will I be successful in that?
6. I am preparing for doctor course. Shall I become a doctor?
7. I am preparing for engineering course. Shall I become an engineer?
8. Can I become a Chartered Accountant?


1. When shall I get a new job?
2. When shall I get promotion or increment in the present job?
3. Will I go abroad on account of my job? when?
4. Will I get Government / PSU job? When are the chances?
5. I am doing a job. Now, if I change from this job, will I get a better one?
6. When will I get transfer to another place in my job?
7. When will the problems in my office be over?
8. Can I leave job and go into business now?


1. Presently I am in love. Will this lead to marriage?
2. When will I meet my true love?
3. I have broken with my lover. Will he/she come back again?
4. When will the differences between me and my lover be over?


1. When shall I marry?
2. Will I marry a foreigner / native / relative?
3. Is my marriage going to be love marriage or arranged one?
4. How will be my married life?
5. Are there chances of second marriage for me?
6. What are the qualities of my spouse?
7. We have been living separately. Will we reunite again?
8. Now I am facing trouble in married life. Are there chances of divorce?
9. We filed divorce in the court. When shall we get divorce?
10. I have taken divorce. When shall I have second marriage?
11. Will I face troubles with my in-laws after marriage?


1. Will I get children? How many?
2. When shall I have first child?
3. When shall I have second child?
4. How will be my relation with my children?


1. Will I be successful financially?
2. Is this the right time to own house/landed property?
3. When can I purchase a new car/vehicle?
4. Now, I want to sell my flat/apartment/house. Will I make profit or not?
5. When will I come out of debts?
6. When my court case on property will be resolved?
7. Will I get inheritance?
8. I lent money to someone. Will I get back my money or not? When?


1. Job or business-which one is suitable for me?
2. Can I leave business and go into job now?
3. Which business is suitable for me?
4. Is partnership in my business advisable?
5. When shall I find good profits in my business?
6. I am planning a new business. In which year should I start it?


1. What health problems I am prone to?
2. When can I get rid of the present ill-health?
3. Should I go for a surgery or continue with medicines itself?
4. What is my approximate longevity?


1. Which gem stone(s) is lucky for me for overall success?
2. Am I under the influence of black magic now?
3. Will I lead a happy life during my old age (end of life)?
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1 Educational Qualifications
2 Name of profession / job / business
3 Marriage Date, if married
4 Spouse's birth date, time and place.
5 Date and details of one incident ( good or bad ) that influenced the person.
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