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The final aim of human life is to merge into God. This is called moksha or salvation. Using Astrology, we can study the elements in the horosocpe of a person and decide his level of spiritual attainment. Spiritual astrology deals with study of horoscope to know the maturify of the soul. It is also possible to know whether a person can get a Guru or not. As an example for Spiritual astrology, we will study the horoscope of Paramahamsa Yoganand.

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Most of us do not know why we have taken this birth, why we are leading these lives, what happens after death and what the ultimate goal of our lives is. We are all ordinary people without knowledge of the very fundamentals of human life. But a spiritual person knows answers for all these questions.

We are all descended from a huge reservoir of energy, called ‘Paramaathma’ or the ‘Supreme soul’. The Supreme soul has divided itself into small quantities of energy and that individual speck of energy is called ‘Jeevaathma’ or ‘Bodily soul’. This Jeevaathma creates a physical body and starts doing some karma (actions) and these actions will bring it different experiences which finally expand its level of consciousness. When Jeevaathma realizes that there is nothing to know more, it will reach to higher consciousness where it identifies itself with the Supreme soul. This is called ‘Moksha’ or ‘Salvation’. We are all now in the form of Jeevaathma and our mission in this world is to attain salvation. For a normal person, it takes more than 1,00,000 births to reach this state. A yogi or a spiritual person reaches this state in 3 years by doing meditation for 8 hours a day.

In Bhagavad Gita, the Jeevaathma is represented by Arjuna which resides in the physical body which is depicted by a chariot. This chariot is driven by 5 horses which represent the 5 senses. The Paramaathma is Lord Krishna who guides Arjuna to realize that he is Jeevaathma and his goal is to reach Paramaathma. Krishna holds the reins which are nothing but the activities of mind. The battle is between Kauravaas (demonic nature) and Pandavaas (divine nature) – these two are the two sides of the mind. Winning the battle is possible only by controlling the senses and purifying the mind through yoga. Then only Jeevaathma can attain the state of Paramaathma. Such a person who is in the path of becoming Paramaathma is called ‘Spiritually enlightened person’.

Prayaatnaad yatamanastu yogi samsuddha kilbishah
Aneka janma samsiddha sthato yaati pararaam gatim |
Tapasvibhyodhiko yogi jnaanibhyopi mathodhikah
Karmibhyaschaadhiko yogi tasmaad yogi bhavaarjuna | - Bhagavad Gita.

A spiritually enlightened person, who practices yoga diligently will be relieved from the worldly attachments, attains perfection of several lifetimes and finally attains the ultimate goal (Moksha).
Such a person is superior to the persons who practice penance and lead austere life. He is superior to the Vedic scholars. He is also superior to the persons who perform Vedic ceremonies for gaining worldly comforts. Therefore, O Arjuna, become a spiritually enlightened person!

A spiritual person knows that he is not the physical body, but the Jeevaathma. This Jeevaathma does not need any bodily pleasures and hence he is not interested in doing the worldly duties. He concentrates on the purification of mind and soul. For this purpose, he needs a ‘Guru’ (divine guide). A Guru is a person who already attained the ultimate goal of becoming the Supreme soul. Guru prescribes certain procedures like reciting mantras, doing yoga and meditation, etc. Finally, the person’s consciousness increases to find out that he is the Supreme soul, the only one thing pervading the entire Universe.

In Astrology, it is possible to know whether a person craves for worldly pleasures or whether a person is in the process of reaching spiritual heights. Also, it is possible to know whether a person can get a Guru or not.

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Bhavas to be observed

The Ascendant represents the self, physical body and psychology. Spiritual person’s thinking will be always inward. He thinks about the inner himself which is represented by the Ascendant.

The 5th bhava in the horoscope represents soul (Jeevaathma), the mantra power and the mind. The spiritual person controls his mind by adopting techniques like yoga and meditation (dhyana). He will clear his past karmas with mantra recitation. Finally his mind will stabilize and the person will understand that he is the soul (Jeevaathma) but not the physical body. 5th bhava also represents the universal love.

The 9th bhava in the horoscope represents higher spiritual knowledge, philosophy and the soul’s expansion. The practices represented by 5th bhava lead to the spiritual wealth gained from the 9th bhava.

The 12th bhava represents salvation (Moksha), soul’s journey after death, past life actions (Karma) and the number of births still to take.

Planets to be observed

Spiritual growth is indicated by the planets: Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Uranus and Neptune. Among all these planets, Jupiter is very important and it dominates the entire horoscope of the spiritual person.

The planet Jupiter is considered the most benefic of all planets in the sense that it gives material wealth and also spiritual progress. Jupiter represents Guru (divine guide), religion and philosophy. Jupiter also represents the rewards gained by the person because of his good actions in the past births.

Moon represents psychology and emotional state of the person. If Moon is receiving good aspects in the horoscope, then the person will have stable mind and will be able to achieve good grip on his mind which is first step in the spiritual growth.

The planet Sun represents the soul’s strength and soul’s interest. It also represents the type of experiences the soul had opted for before it took the human body.

Uranus gives an interest in mysticism, telepathy, clairvoyance and freedom of the soul. It represents the intuitive link between the Jeevaathma and Paramaathma. It also shows the unique work or purpose of the soul in the present birth.

Neptune represents an interest in the matters of life after death, clairvoyance, spiritual healing and strong spiritual practices. It represents the spiritual wisdom acquired by the person from the past births.

Aspects between the planets

- Jupiter should be in good aspect to Moon. For example, Jupiter trine Moon, Jupiter sextile Moon, Jupiter conjunction Moon, Jupiter parallel Moon.

- Jupiter should be in good aspect to Sun. For example, Jupiter trine Sun, Jupiter sextile Sun, Jupiter conjunction Sun, Jupiter parallel Sun.

- Uranus should be in good aspect to Moon. For example, Uranus trine or sextile Moon, Uranus parallel Moon.

- Uranus should be in good aspect to Jupiter or Sun. For example, Uranus trine or sextile Jupiter or Uranus trine or sextile Sun.

- Neptune should be in good aspect to Moon or Jupiter or Sun. For example, Neptune trine or sextile or conjunction or parallel to Moon, Neptune trine or sextile or parallel to Jupiter, Neptune trine or sextile or parallel to Sun.

Who gets spiritual Guru?

Jupiter connection to 5th bhava or 9th bhava is compulsory to get a Guru. Jupiter should be strong and should not be debilitated.

- Jupiter in 5th bhava / 9th bhava
- or Jupiter conjunct or trine to 5th lord / 9th lord
- or Jupiter trine to planets in 5th bhava / 9th bhava.

Horoscope of Swami Yogananda, 5-1-1893, 20.14, Gorakhpur, India.

In Yogananda’s horoscope, we can observe that the Ascendant lord is posited in 5th bhava, representing his universal love. He loves others as his children. The conjunction of 5th lord Jupiter and 9th lord Mars represents that he works for spiritual wealth. His work will be recognized internationally. The 12th lord is Moon in 12th bhava which is an indication that this is the last birth for him. He would have attained Moksha.

Regarding planets, Jupiter trine Moon and Jupiter sextile Neptune is the clear indication of his spiritual involvement. This combination represents that he would involve into deep meditation and yoga practices to reach the Supreme soul.

The sextile aspect between Uranus and Sun is the testimony for his mystic experiences. The square aspect (which is bad) between Sun from 5th and Jupiter in 9th represents that he would not give any importance to worldly possessions. Another square aspect between Sun from a powerful Saturn indicates heart attack. He has withdrawn his soul from the physical body at the same moment the heart attack was indicated.

Also, Jupiter is with 9th lord representing that Yogananda will have enough guidance from his spiritual Gurus Sri Yukteswar  and Mahavatar Babaji.

The 2nd lord being Mercury parallel to Sun and joined with the 3rd lord Venus would give him a very good communication skill which made him wrote the most sensational book: ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’.

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