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Vedic Palmistry - Your palm reveals you

Know your future from Vedic Palmistry

If you write with your right hand then your 'active hand' is right hand. If you write with left hand then your 'active hand' will be left hand. First, find out which one is your active hand. Observe the mounts and lines in the palm of your active hand. Recognize them correctly with the help of pictures. Then select the options given in the following table.

Select best mount in your palm:

The elevated pads below the root of fingers are called 'mounts'. There are 7 mounts in your palm. Place a pencil horizontally on the mounts and see through the gaps between the pencil and the mounts. You can estimate which mount is highly elevated and protruding out. Roll the pencil till the base of the palm. Find out the best elevated mount.
Select best mount:

Select bad mount in your palm:

The mount which has horizontal lines, criss cross lines or messy lines is called bad mount. Among the 7 available mounts, find out which mount has got more number of such criss cross lines.
Select bad mount:

Heart line in your palm:
Heart line is the first horizontal line under the fingers.
1. Long and
straight line
2. Starting at
index finger
3. Starting between
index and
middle fingers
4. Starting at
middle finger
5. Chained heart
6. Double heart
Select Heart line:

Head line in your palm:
Head line is the horizontal line which lies below the heart line.
1. Long and
straight line
2. Sloppy head
3. Too much sloppy
4. Short head line 5. Chained head
6. Double head
Select Head line:

Life line in your palm:
Life line is the curved line starts below the index finger and runs down.
1. Long and
straight line
2. Short life
3. Complete and
full line
4. Chained life
5. Double life
Select Life line:

Staring of Fate line in your palm:
Fate line is the line which starts at bottom and goes up in the middle of the palm.
1. Starting from
Mount no. 7
2. Starting from
Mount no. 6
3. Starting from
center of palm
4. Starting from
head line
5. Starting from
middle of head
and heart lines
6. Starting from
heart line
Select Fate line

Ending of Fate line in your palm:
Fate line generally ends at the root of one of the fingers.
1. Reaching index
2. Reaching middle
3. Reaching ring
4. Reaching little
5. Terminates at
head line
6. Terminates at
heart line
7. Chained fate
8. Double fate
Select Fate line

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