It is pathetic to see misunderstandings between several newly married couples. This is due to the bad influence of planets and the incompatibility of their palm lines. Indian vedic palmistry deals with marriage lines, divorce lines, separation lines in the palms and how to understand them. Palmistry also considers the lines harmful to married life and the girdle of Venus. astrology palmistry numerology vastu services
Marriage is one of the important aspects of life. Human being’s life is not complete, without marriage. In Vedic culture, the intention of marriage is to get good children who would be useful to the society. But, in modern days marriage is considered as a pleasure satisfying affair. This will produce children who will crave for selfish and personal comforts. Whether a person enjoys good conjugal bliss or not can be estimated clearly from the mounts and lines present in the palms.

Marriage line

‘Marriage line’ can be seen in the palms at the outer edge of the palm, below the little finger. This line starts at the outer edge and proceeds towards the mount of Mercury which is located under the little finger [Fig 1 AA]. There may be more than one marriage line present. In that case, the line which is longer and most prominent will be capable of giving marriage relationship. The other lines indicate love affairs which will not culminate into marriage.
palmistry marriage line

Effect of Marriage line on married life

If the marriage line is straight or slightly curved towards Heart line [Fig 2], the person will enjoy good married life. The person’s spouse would be understanding and supportive.
palmistry straight married life
If the marriage line is highly curved towards the Heart line as if it is touching the Heart line [Fig 3], then the person’s spouse will suffer from health problems which will mar the married life of the person. palmistry curved married line
When the marriage line has an island or circle symbol [Fig 4], it represents severe ill health to the partner. It is also an indication of separation from the partner due to psychological mismatch. palmistry curved marriage line
When there is a break in the marriage line [Fig 5], the couple will live separately for some time. It may represent legal separation in some cases. Some times, one of the couple will go abroad and the other lives alone in the native place. palmistry break in marriage line
When there is split or fork found in the beginning of the marriage line [Fig 6], the couple will live separately for some time, immediately after the marriage.

palmistry fork in marriage line
When the split or fork is seen at the end of the marriage line [Fig 7], there would be a dispute or quarrel which leads to the separation of the couple. Generally, the dispute arises because of the foolishness of one of the partners. palmistry fork in marriage line
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When there is a vertical line cutting the marriage line [Fig 8], it indicates threat to the life of the partner. There may be sudden death of the spouse. If the vertical line is weak, it indicates some obstacles for the marriage which delay the marriage.
palmistry marriage line cut
If the marriage line goes straight and cuts the Sun line below the ring finger [Fig 9], the marriage will ruin the social status and reputation of the person. There will be financial losses after marriage. palmistry marriage line cutting sun line
In some cases, we find a long line starting from inside the Venus mount and reaching the Mercury mount cuts the marriage line below the little finger. It is a sign of divorce. During its course, when this line cuts a rising line from the Life line [Fig 10], there will be legal battle and finally the divorce is proclaimed by the court. Relatives and friends will play part in the separation of the couple. palmistry divorce line
When the marriage line has a fork, it indicates separation. This is confirmed when the marriage line is cut by another line which starts from Life line or from the middle of the palm [Fig 11]. palmistry separation line
When there is a line starting from inside Venus mount and touching the Heart line in a fork or split [Fig 12], it is an indication of emotional imbalance which leads to separation of the couple. palm line fork or split
A line which starts between the first two fingers and ends between the last two fingers and appears in the form of a semi circle is called ‘girdle of Venus’. This line represents excessive desire for sex, alcohols and drugs. Such a person would live mostly in the unrealistic world. He/she will be highly impulsive and emotionally imbalanced which ruins the married life. When the girdle of Venus is connected to marriage line [Fig 13], the person will have disturbed married life. There will be more than one or two disastrous marriages in his/her life. Palmistry girdle of venus
A black spot or dot present on the marriage line represents premature death of the partner [Fig 14]. palmistry dot in marrige line
A star on the marriage line also gives same effect [Fig 15]. There will be sudden and unexpected death of the partner due to an accident or ill health.Palmistry star in married line

People who should not marry

Every one born on this earth is naturally eligible to marry. But Palmistry advocates that people with the following lines better not to marry. Such people will face severe troubles in the married life which make them feel celibacy is better than marriage.

The marriage line is curving up towards the little finger [Fig 16]. This is an indication that the person’s life is not tuned for marriage.
palmistry curved up marriage line
The marriage line has a chain formation or there are several small lines drooping and crisscrossing from the marriage line [Fig 17]. This indicates continuous problems after marriage. The person will see hell on the earth. In some cases, it indicates eunuch tendencies which make the person to abhor marriage. palmistry bad marriage line
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